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Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Rudee

We were packed up and ready to go early Saturday morning. Steve and Trish were waiting on us at their house. We parked the car and piled into their van and pointed it north.
Here was our first stop in Lafayette Indiana:

After breakfast we made good time heading to Michigan. We had reservations at the Fairfield Inn in New Buffalo which is just over the Indiana/Michigan state line. We arrived at the motel shortly before noon, got checked in and the van unloaded.

The plan was to go to the Four Winds Casino just up the road from the motel and have a little gambling fun. Steve gave us a nice tour of the town on the way. New Buffalo sits on Lake Michigan and we saw the lake and beach as well as going through some of the lakefront neighborhoods and looking at the high dollar houses. There were some really nice homes!

Arriving at the casino we made plans to meet up again in 2 hours. Rudee and I usually stick together while Suters like to gamble separately so we wished them luck and started looking for a "lucky" machine. We hit several machines and my luck was running fairly good and I ended up with a little more money than what I started with. Rudee, on the other hand, was not doing as well. We had fun and met up with Steve and Trish and their luck was running about the same as ours. Trish was winning and Steve was losing. We all decided to head back to the motel and check out the pool.

One thing we miss from selling our house is the hot tub we had on the patio. We used it a lot and whenever we are in an RV park or motel that has one we take advantage. The hot tub at the Fairfield was more luke warm instead of hot but we enjoyed it. I especially liked it when 4 other women came in and hopped in the tub with Rudee and I. Little ole me with 5 scantly clad women in a hot tub!! Yessiree I'm having fun now and it wasn't even my birthday we were celebrating.

I wanted to take Rudee somewhere nice for dinner but had no plan. We saw a decent looking restaurant in downtown New Buffalo and decided to give it a try. Casey's is a very nice restaurant in one of the older store fronts. Rudee and I ordered appetizers for our meal. We shared a salad, peel and eat shrimp and each had a cup of clam chowder. Steve had pork chops and Trish had a shrimp salad. The food was all really good.
We ended up driving over to Michigan City Indiana to the Blue Chips Casino to try our luck there for a little while. I thought my lucky streak was over because I was not doing too good. I decided to play a video poker machine and see if I could hit a royal flush. Well I didn't hit the top prize of $1000.00 for the royal but got 4 aces and a deuce and won $500! I cashed out and was happy to leave with their money.

Sunday morning we checked out of the motel and headed back to Four Winds. Steve had a coupon for a free fleece jacket that were being handed out today. We had breakfast in the restaurant and gambled a little before heading back home. All in all we came out over $700 ahead. Rudee and I both enjoyed ourselves and we had fun spending time with Steve and Trish. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Looks like the weather may cooperate and give us some nice days this week. We may even get the chance to fire the bike up and take a short ride. I'll keep you posted.

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