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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring is "springing"

The weatherman is smiling down on us. We have had several nice days (read: no snow!!) in a row and it just keeps getting better every day. Today we had blue sunny skies and the temperature was in the middle 40's. We are expecting to break the 50 mark by this week end. Whoo Hoo!! I also saw a large flock of Robins yesterday. Yep Spring is just around the corner.

Steve's Mom has rallied and is improving every day. Hopefully she will be well enough to move into a regular room soon. She still has some underlying medical problems that needs attention but it looks like she has turned the corner and is getting better.

I read, and contribute to, a few RV forums on the web. I mostly follow the fulltime and heavy duty truck posts the most. I read a topic the other day from a former fulltimer who was commenting on the difficulty of getting rid of cherished possessions and hitting the road. His post got me thinking back to our big "purge". I can't say I had anything that I "cherished" or that tore me apart to have to get rid of. Are we so materialistic that we feel like the one with the most stuff "wins"? Rudee and I dearly love to ride our motorcycle. We look forward to the warm weather and miss riding when it's cold but if we had to give it up we could. The motorcycle is not our "cherished" possession but the time we spend together is. I guess that is one reason we are pursuing this dream of fulltime RVing, to spend more of our time to just be together.
When we were at the RV show a few weeks ago I looked in several smaller 5th wheels and even some travel trailers and the same thought kept running through my head. "Could we fulltime in this?" Well the answer is a resounding "yes" we could. We love the floor plan and the room we have in our Montana but it's not a "cherished" possession. Our Montana is our dwelling but our "home" is Rudee and I sharing life together no matter what type of abode we find ourselves in at the end of the day. We did go through some emotions selling off all our "stuff" but it was very liberating and now feels wonderful not having all that "clutter". I know this lifestyle isn't for everyone and we ourselves are only in the beginning stages. We are both looking forward to the next step of our fulltime lifestyle when we can let loose of some of the things that are tying us here. May take us a few more years but we are committed and motivated.

I have had a busy week at work. Seems like feast or famine on my job. Rudee's job is always busy it seems. This week end may work out OK since Steve's Mom is getting better. We have made our motel reservations and are looking forward to our trip to Michigan. I'll keep you posted.

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