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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dead Mouse (YIKES!!)

Friday we drove over Camping World on the south side of Indianapolis and dropped off our washing machine. We had to drive through a pouring rain and could only go about 40 miles per hour but we made it safe and sound. They said we should hear from them by Wednesday after they get the chance to diagnose the problem. Hopefully it will not be a long repair.

Saturday morning Rudee and I drove over to see my Mom. We visited with her for a couple of hours until it was time for her to go to lunch. She seemed to be feeling a lot better and we had a fun visit. With nothing else going on we headed back home and spent a quiet evening at home.

Sunday was more of the same. We did remember to move our clocks forward an hour before going to bed Saturday night. We both lounged around the 5th wheel all day watching TV and surfing the web. We did get our taxes filed and our smoke detector batteries changed. Around 4pm we both had enough and needed to get outside and do something. Rudee sent out an text message to several of our friends hoping one or two would want to meet for supper. I guess everybody was as bored as we were because we had 9 people at Denney's in Lebanon.

Monday morning we were back to work. Rudee usually logs onto her computer while I am in the shower. She came in and said her mouse had died (hence the name of this post. LOL) and was having trouble logging on. I got dressed and went to help her out. Rudee's computer is a desk top tower unit with 2 monitors and takes up almost all the room at our little desk area. I pulled out the tower and checked the mouse connections and all was tight. I had her shut down and re-boot the tower and that didn't help either so I shut down all the power to the unit. Nothing I tried would revive that little mouse so I said some inspiring words over it's lifeless body and pronounced it dead :-(. Rudee called her companies I.T. department and they are sending out a new mouse. I got Rudee up and running with a laptop mouse I had for my work computer. The cord was quite a bit shorter than her other one and took some getting used to but at least she can work with it until her new one arrives.

We are enjoying the spring like weather here in Indiana. The furnace has been getting a well deserved break and that means we will spend less on propane this month :-). Monday was our 1 year fulltiming anniversary. I will do a recap of our first year in the next day or two so stay tuned. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Fulltiming in Central IN and propane equals $$$$$. Hope you are able to do your early retirement and able to get outta there in the winter.

    Teacher's Pet in RGV