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Monday, March 1, 2010

early to bed, early to rise .....

Friday after work we loaded our suitcase and some "road" snacks into the car and started towards Greensburg Indiana. We made a slight detour to Greencastle and stopped into the funeral home there to pay our respects to my sisters husband and family. I felt bad that we couldn't spend more time with them but they were not going to be in town long and had their hands full with family responsibilities.

Back on the road we stopped at a grille and bar in the small town of Stilesville where we grabbed a quick supper. We made it to our motel around 8pm. Our room was huge. It was a "mini" suite and probably had more square footage than in our 5th wheel.

We changed into our swim suits and headed for the pool and hot tub. We lounged in both of them for about 30 minutes and then headed back to the room. We had a big day tomorrow and needed to get some sleep.

I was up early Saturday morning, like 4am early. Yikes!! I guess it was being in a strange bedroom that kept me from sleeping. I was able to make some coffee by feel since I didn't want to wake Rudee up by turning on the lights and just surfed the web until her alarm went off at 6. We got our showers and had a quick "motel" breakfast and headed out the door. We were attending a training class for our Goldwing group and it started at 8am.
The training we were taking was to be "certified" to be officers in the organization. Rudee and I have held several offices over the last 20 years and we have no ambition to do it again but we did want to take the training so we could offer our help to the new officers if they wanted it. The training was held in a large freestanding banquet hall. They were about 65 people and 1 dog taking the course. Yes, I said 1 dog. Now before you read any further let me say I am not anti-dog or anti-pet, but, bringing a dog to a training class where you have to sit all day listening to lectures is just plain wrong. I know boarding is expensive and your pet may be your "fur kid" but you are not doing your pet, or for that matter your fellow students, any favors by having them there.

The first day of class started right on time and followed a pretty strict schedule. The lectures were mostly over the governing rules and how the organization conducts business. They dismissed us shortly before 6pm and we both were ready to be out of there. Most of our group were staying at the Holiday Inn so we went over there and had an impromptu birthday party for our friend Bill Remley. We even had cake and ice cream!
I was pretty beat so we headed to bed pretty early. No hot tub tonight :-).

Sunday's schedule promised to be shorter but we started out with a test :-(
They had several lectures and finally passed out our certificates. We all passed!! I missed 3 on the test which was 1 percentage point better than the dog did so I was happy :-). Rudee had to show off and didn't miss any. I guess I should have copied off her :-).

Our small group went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and then we headed back towards home. We made a stop in Indianapolis at the hospital. We had gotten a call from Trish that Steve's Mom was in the ICU and not doing well. We wanted to stop and see if there was anything we could do. They had been there almost all day and she was not showing any signs of improvement. We all left the hospital and met again in Lebanon so they could get something to eat. We lingered in the restaurant talking and even had a laugh or two. I think Steve needed that. It had been a tough day for him.

This Sunday is Rudee's birthday. She has "hitch itch" really bad and wants to get away so we made plans with Steve and Trish to go to New Buffalo Michigan. There is a casino there and Rudee likes to play the slot machines so maybe she will get rich on her birthday!! We will drive up Saturday morning and spend the night before coming home Sunday. Of course this all depends on how things are going with Steve's Mom. I'll keep you posted.

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