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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Doctors, Doctors and more Doctors

We have been really busy since arriving back in Indiana but we did get a chance on Tuesday to hop on the bike and take advantage of the summer like weather. Hard to believe that it is in the upper 70's in Indiana in March! We have been setting records for high temperatures every day this week.
Wednesday our daughter Amanda had an outpatient surgery done at a hospital in Carmel, Indiana. We were up with the chickens and headed out the door before the sun was even thinking about shining :-)
Our first stop was at our family Doctors office where I had blood drawn for some tests. I have an appointment to see him on Friday for my annual check up and he wanted time for the blood work to be back before my appointment. We then drove to Carmel to meet Ryan and Amanda. Her surgery was scheduled for 9:30 but of course they were running late. I think you could have the very first appointment of the day and they would still be an hour late!
They finally came into her pre-op room and took her back for her surgery and we retreated to the waiting room. We read old magazines, played with our phones and generally were nervous and anxious. Her procedure lasted about an hour and she did fine but had to stay in the recovery area for awhile to recover from the anesthesia. We made a quick trip to the cafeteria for lunch which was quite good considering it was "hospital food".
Both of our Grand Daughters had Doctor appointments shortly after they got out of school so we headed back to pick them up while Ryan waited with Amanda.
The girls were out of school right at 2:45 and we picked them up right on time. Unfortunately the 12 mile drive to Lebanon took us a long time because we got behind every school bus they had and each one had to stop several times to let kids off. We ended up being a few minutes late but, thankfully, their doctor took it all in stride. I guess now I know how the doctors can be late now. :-)
We dropped the girls off at their house shortly after Ryan and Amanda got home. Wow it was sure a long day with all theses medical appointments! We did get done in time to spend the evening with our motorcycle friends by attending the Wednesday night dinner ride. The weather cooperated and we had a large turn out with most of the group riding their bikes!
Today (Thursday) was another day to cross an errand off our list. We had an appointment with our tax preparer to file our state and federal returns. We were both pretty nervous since the gate guarding pay was not taxed since we were private contractors. We did have a list of items we could use as deductions but were not sure one would offset the other. After an hour and a half the news was not as bad as we thought it would be. We owe a little to the State but we actually get a small return on our Federal, they almost cancel each other out :-). We are going to try and be a little more prepared this year by paying our estimated taxes each quarter.
With all this running around we are both a little tired. My doctors appointment is not until tomorrow afternoon so we are looking forward to not setting our alarm clock before going to bed tonight.
Here is a photo of our site at Hillside Campground in Jamestown.
Not too bad until you see the view looking out our door.
Looks like we may have some rain and storms moving in the next couple of days but the temperatures are supposed to hold strong in the mid to upper 70's. I'll keep you posted.

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