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Saturday, March 3, 2012

duckin' storms

Friday morning we kept track of Rob and Jany's progress and as they were getting close the weather just kept getting worse. A large storm popped up right in their path and we were pretty worried about them. They arrived around 10:30 and said it got kind of hairy for a few miles but they made it through OK. We found out a little later that the same storms produced a tornado that did some damage near Huntsville just east of where they went through :-O.

Once they were set up they came over and Rudee had lunch ready for them. Louisiana Bouidan and homemade clam chowder. We spent most of the afternoon just chilling out and catching up with each other.

The tornado sirens started going off around 3pm so we headed for the bath house. The skies were looking pretty bad and we could see a nasty storm approaching. A police car drove up as we were walking over and stopped to talk with us. He told us the storm was coming in from the south and headed our way fast, just then he got a call that there was damage on the east side of town and he had to leave. We watched as the storm skirted just to the east of us and all we had was some rain and a short spurt of small hail. Wow, we were lucky because this line of storms turned out to be pretty powerful.
Indiana also got hit pretty hard and we spent the evening making sure all our friends and family back home were all OK (they were).

The temperatures are on a downward trend the next couple of days but looks like the storms have passed. We have not made any plans for the week end yet but we are looking forward to venturing out and checking out the area. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Glad you posted today, was wondering how you fared. Glad all is well.

  2. So glad to hear that your family and friends are all safe and sound...as well as you! Those storms did a lot of damage from what I've seen on the weather news. You guys stay safe!!