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Sunday, March 25, 2012

new Diggs!

Friday afternoon our son Matthew stopped by for a visit. He stayed for a few hours and we enjoyed his company, we sure missed the kid's "pop in" visits when we were gate guarding. The clouds started turning dark and we could here some thunder rolling in the distance so Matthew left so he could beat the storm to his house in Lafayette. Amanda, Ryan and the grandkids arrived just as Matthew was leaving and hung out with us for awhile. We watched as storms made their way through Indiana but once again we were lucky and only had some rain and a few streaks of lightning.
Saturday morning we were up before the chickens. Our plan was to meet Rob Runion for breakfast in Brownsburg and then head to the Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville for the day. The plan was to ride the bikes down but the weatherman was calling for some more storms to move in. The radar looked pretty clear when we got up so we decided to give it a shot and headed out on the Harley.
We found Rob sitting in the restaurant waiting on us and after a quick meal we pointed the bikes South. The temperature was in the mid 50's and the sun playing peek-a-boo behind some of the clouds but at least it wasn't raining. We took the interstate down and the 120 miles went by fairly quickly.
This is our fourth year attending this show and it is huge! All the semi truck manufacturers have displays along with hundreds of different vendors. This is a testosterone driven, manly man kind of event!
We walked and walked and walked some more and still didn't see everything. Rudee was busy picking up free stuff that the vendors pass out so we are now re-supplied with pens, note pads, calenders and enough Tootsie Rolls to last until Christmas! :-)
Rob and I enjoyed looking at all the big trucks, trailers and equipment but I couldn't talk him into trading his Ford F350 in for a new Freightliner. ;-)
The clouds had increased for the ride home but we were able to dodge any rain showers. We ended up dropping the bike off at home and then hopped in the truck while Rob went to pick up Jany. We then met back up in Pittsboro, Indiana, hometown of Jeff Gordan for you NASCAR fans, for supper. We made it back to the 5th wheel around 9pm and were both dead tired after a really long day.
Today (Sunday) was moving day. We were packing up to move to our summer home at the KOA in Terre Haute, Indiana. I had already loaded the bike onto the semi when we got back from Louisville so I just had the normal tear down and hook on stuff to do.
Rudee and I make a pretty good team and we were done and ready to pull out fairly quickly. The roads in this campground are narrow, winding and have a lot of trees in bad places so I took it really slow getting out to the highway.
The drive to Terre Haute took us about 2 hours and we arrived about 12:30. We already knew which site was ours so while Rudee stopped in the office to let them know we had arrived I drove on back to the site.
Rudee backed me in and we got unhooked and set up fairly quickly. I did take some extra time to make sure we were as level as possible since we are going to be here for the next 6 months.
Not too bad a site for a couple of workin' stiffs! :-)
We have a nice patio, some green space and a nice fire pit for campfires. Rudee is already planning on planting some flowers to spruce the place up some.
The campground hosts a pitch in every Sunday afternoon for all the work campers. We were able to meet some of our fellow workers (and neighbors) and had a nice meal to boot. There are still three other couples due to arrive in the next few weeks and we are looking forward to meeting and working with them.
We did get our training schedule and will be working from 3pm -8pm with Tuesday and Thursdays off for the next couple of weeks until the rest of the work campers arrive. We should be pretty well trained by then and our days off and hours will change once everyone is up and running.
Well our first day at work starts tomorrow. One of the perks of working here is a free breakfast everyday so we plan on trying out the restaurant tomorrow morning. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sounds like a great workamper gig !

  2. Looks like both of us have it made for the summer.