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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday

Wednesday was Rudee's birthday, I won't tell how old she is but to me she is still the same 15 year old girl I met in the gym in high school.
One problem I ran into was finding some "private" time to buy her a present. She never gives me any hints or ideas for a present so I am on my own to figure out something. We all went to Wal Mart the other evening and I was able to sneak away for a few minutes and do some quick shopping. I looked in the women's clothes section and nothing special there. I went to the jewelry counter next but decided against that since I had gotten her so much jewelry for past birthdays, Christmas and anniversary's. I spied Rob and Jany walking down an aisle and grabbed Jany for some advice. I thought some perfume would be nice but had no idea what was "good". She walked me to the "perfume case" and we tested a few products before finding a bottle that used to be her favorite. I hope she still likes it!
I gave her present and card to her first thing in the morning and she liked them both ... whew :-)

Jany made us breakfast casserole this morning and it was very good. We then hung around the 5t wheels for the rest of the morning being lazy. We did take a short ride on the bikes around Florence and Muscle Shoals checking out some of the high $$ neighborhoods overlooking the river.

Rudee decided on Texas Roadhouse for her birthday dinner. We had a great time and a really good meal. The steak we shared was very tender and cooked perfectly. We both were stuffed and still brought home 1/2 of our steak for a future meal. Somehow the staff found out it was her birthday and made Rudee get on a saddle while they "treated her special" :-). Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera and my cell phone photos were all too dark :-(.

Rudee and Jany have a morning of shopping planned on Thursday. Rob and I are going to do a small project lengthening the ramp on his toy hauler. I also have a couple of small maintenance items to take care of as well. I'll keep you posted.