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Sunday, March 11, 2012

the long trip home

Saturday morning we were all up early and finished the final preparations for hitting the road. Our caravan pulled out just before 9am and headed north. The first leg of our trip was on US 43 which is a nice 2 lane road leading into Tennessee where it changes to 4 lanes. There was only light traffic and we made good time to Columbia where we jogged over onto I-65.
Traffic was heavy in and around Nashville and we stopped for a late lunch at the Kentucky Welcome Center. Our destination for the night was the Horseshoe Casino just northwest of Louisville, Kentucky on the "good side" of the Ohio River and we arrived at 5pm after adjusting our clocks to the eastern time zone. Hooray we made it back to Indiana! I had called ahead and made sure we could boondock in their parking lot and got directions on how to access their RV parking area. We were able to position ourselves so we could open our slides and have full access to our RV, of course there were no hook ups available but we knew this going in.
We all hopped into the Dakota and ran into New Albany for supper and then came back and hit the casino for a little while. Jany was the big winner leaving with a little over $2.00 of the casino's $$. Rudee lost a few dollars and I was up a whopping $1.31! Guess it beats losing my shirt! :-)

Sunday morning I got up before the sun and fired up the generator. I promised Rudee she would be able to use her hairdryer and didn't want to disappoint her, of course this gave me a opportunity to brew myself a pot of coffee too :-)
We got on the road at 8am to drive our final 150 miles. We were both anxious to see our kids and grandkids. We made one stop for a quick bathroom break at a rest park near Columbus, Indiana. We took the loop around the west side of Indianapolis where Rob and Jany turned off to head for their home in Brownsburg and we continued on the additional 15 miles to Jamestown, Indiana.
We are set up at the Hillside RV Park which is a small park a few miles off the interstate. The only thing the park has going for it is it is less than 5 miles from our grandkids! They did give us a very good weekly rate and we have 50 amp full hook ups. There is no cable or wifi and the gravel roads are pretty narrow but it suits us just fine for the time we will be here.

The weather is supposed to be unseasonably warm for the next couple of weeks in Indiana. We are happy for that and are hoping to finish this winter without seeing any snow at all! I'll keep you posted.


  1. I have avoided using that nasty four letter word all winter. Now that Spring is just about here don't go Hexing us. LOL.

    It's about time.

  2. I have been watching your posts on RV Dreams for a while now and realized you are from Indiana. Just now I looked at your Blog and see that you are very close to my home town and where my grand-kids are, Crawfordsville IN. I live in NJ now and we are planning to start full timing as soon as we get the house sold. One of our plans is to spend more time near the grand-kids in Crawfordsville.

    So just a hello from 7 degrees of separation.

    Mark & Patty