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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

learnin' the ropes

Tuesday was a day off for these two "workin' RVers". We spent most of the morning getting things at our site a little more comfortable. We pulled out the vinyl enclosure for the front of our 5th wheel and it was a little dirty from last year so we tossed it and our patio mat into the back of the Dakota and headed for the car wash for a good scrubbin'.
Once we got them both cleaned up we returned and put them in place. Now I have my Harley back in it's own garage :-). Rudee picked up sticks and swept our patio area while I put out our awning and got it staked down with our awning straps. These straps were named by my daughter who just happened to be with us when I purchased a set of awning tie down straps and after seeing me fighting trying to put them together and attach them to the awning announced that only a "sucker would buy those". We all got a pretty good laugh out of that and a name was born. :-)
Turns out she was probably right because I tossed those cheapo straps in the trash after only a couple of uses. Nowadays I use a set of ratchet straps hooked to a bungee cord that goes around the awning tube. The ratchet strap then hooks into one of those screw in the ground dog leash anchors. They work pretty good for "sucker straps" :-)
I also got the grille out and we decided to put it to use. Rudee pattied up a couple of burgers and I cooked them up for lunch. She also made a nice salad and we ate outside at our picnic table.
I guess I over worked myself the last couple of days because by 2pm I was tired so I took a nap!
Tuesday evening was spent watching TV and surfing the internet.

Wednesday it was back to work. We went to the cafe' here at the park and took advantage of our free breakfast that is part of our work camping package. I had volunteered to help the owner move some construction supplies this morning and that took us about an hour. The rest of the morning we just relaxed in the 5th wheel until time to go to work at 3pm.
I picked up our golf cart from the "parking shed" and picked Rudee up for our commute to work. Traffic wasn't too bad today, only one camper walking their dog :-)
I dropped Rudee at the office and found the owner to see what needed to be done. He gave a short list of things to accomplish and I started with feeding the donkeys. They get a coffee can full of grain sometime around 3pm so I took care of that and saw they were low on water so filled that up as well. Next on my list was to do some mowing with the push mower. The park has a zero turn rider but it doesn't fit everywhere so I mowed the fenced in doggy park and the area between the office and cafe' by hand. While I was doing this the campers started arriving so I would stop mowing to escort them to their sites. I also filled my very first propane bottle solo! Keith had shown me how to do it during my training on Monday but this was my first time all alone.
Rudee was kept busy in the office as we had a steady stream of RV's arriving to check in as well as current guests shopping and purchasing in the store.
Things slowed down some after 6pm and I was able to cross off the last chore from my list. The campground had their maintenance building burn down over the winter and a new pole barn has been built and they are finishing up the inside. Keith had spread some gravel around the building and I manned the rake and smoothed it all out to a level surface. This took me about an hour and boy was I pooped! This old fat boy is not used to manual labor! Looks like it will be a Ben Gay night tonight! :-).
Our final hour was not as hectic and Rudee was able to finish her work, run her reports and close out her cash drawer without too many interruptions. While she was doing that I made some trash runs and gave the donkeys their evening hay.
Once 8pm rolled around we were both ready to lock the doors and call it a night. I dropped Rudee off at the 5th wheel and parked the golf cart. Tonight will be a quick sandwich and then some TV before heading for bed.
Tomorrow is another day off and then we have to work the next 4 days straight ..... Oh My!! :-) I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sounds like you have a lot of variety in your day. That makes it more interesting and the day goes by faster. At least we hope that's the way it will be for us. Take care