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Monday, July 13, 2009

1 out of 2

That's the way the weather went this week end. Saturday was wet with off and on showers most of the day. We decided to take a drive to Plainfield and visit Rudee's Mom and Dad.

We had a nice visit with them and decided to slog our way back home thru the rain and just chill out. We were about 10 miles from home and the weather turned even worse. There was lightning, wind and a heavy downpour. Cars were pulling over onto the berm of the interstate and under the overpasses to try and wait it out. We had to slow way down but made it to our exit safely. When we pulled into the KOA there is a small creek that you hardly notice as you pull in and drive up the hill to the office. Today the little creek had swelled over it's bank and was flowing over the driveway. We got to our site and were pretty much under water. Our patio mat was floating! Luckily I had staked it down so it wouldn't blow away in the wind, little did I know it would keep it from floating downstream! We waded to the front door in ankle deep water and made it inside a little damp but safe and sound. The rain quit shortly afterwards and the water receded. I did venture out again to pick up some Chinese food and a movie. We ate, watched a so-so movie and headed to bed.

Sunday was a much nicer day, weather wise. We rode the bike to breakfast and decided to keep on riding since it was so nice out. We headed south in search of some more towns with "country" names. We headed for Cuba, Indiana south of Cloverdale. We found a church that had the name of the town on their sign and took a quick picture before heading on to Jordan, Indiana.

I had looked at our route on mapquest and had a good idea of the route to take. The bad thing about mapquest is it doesn't give you any idea of the actual road type and it's condition We ended up on a gravel road that was only 1 1/2 cars wide at best and twisted and turned thru a National Forest. We eventually found Jordan and took another picture for the contest.

Next stop was Poland, Indiana. My great Grandparents lived in Poland and my Grandparents lived there when my father was born. They moved while he was still very young but I have a lot of cousins there that I have never met. There is even a road named after us.

We headed for Brazil, Indiana where we had lunch at a nice little cafe after getting our photo at the "welcome to Brazil" sign. While eating lunch Niles called and made plans to meet us and join our ride. We headed towards Bainbridge where we fueled up and met up with the Robinson's.

With Niles in the lead we headed west on US 36 and were soon in Illinois. Rudee spotted a sign showing a turn off to Scottland, Illinois so of course we had to go back so we could get another picture, this time with Niles and Deb too.

We rode for most of the afternoon just making a big loop and finally ended up back in Lebanon where we met up with Bill and Jane Remley at Arni's for supper. We did make a stop at the post office to get our 6th country of the day. After dinner we parted company with Niles and Deb as they headed east and we rode with Bill and Jane back to Crawfordsville. What a great day on the bike and the week end weather cooperated on at least 1 of the 2 days.

No big plans so far this week but that may change, you never know. We are going camping with Robinson's this week end to Charlarose Campground so no Internet or TV after Friday afternoon. YIKES!! I'll keep you posted.

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