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Saturday, July 11, 2009

miles and miles

I have driven more this week at work and got less accomplished then ever before. Since there are 3 appraisers here in Indy and not much much work they are expanding our territories. We alternate covering the Fort Wayne Indiana area and July is my month to have it. I drove the 330 mile round trip 3 times this week to look at 4 different cars up there in addition to my normal workload in "my" territory.

To explain a little about my job, I work from a "remote" location (basically my car) and get assignments over my computer through my damage estimating software. Once I get a new assignment I have 24 hours to make contact with the customer and schedule the inspection. I then inspect the damage and write an estimate to repair the car. They are pushing us to write as many field checks as possible so the files get closed as soon as they can be, so if it's one the adjuster has ok'd to pay I can write the customer a check for the damage. I also have to deal with supplemental damage on prior estimates I have written.

When the cars go into the body shop for repairs, the shop disassembles the damaged area and calls me if they find any hidden damage that is not on my original estimate. I must then either go to the shop or, if it's minor, can have the shop email photos, and then complete a supplement to the original estimate.
The job is not too bad I guess and in these times I suppose I'm lucky to be working with a 10% unemployment rate. In the last year I have have become increasingly dissatisfied with the company I work for and their way of doing business. My hope is since we have been bought by a different company things will change. I'm trying to keep an open mind but have heard from several sources that my new company is just as bad, guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Rudee has 5 years 7 months and 26 days until she is eligible to have medical benefits in her retirement package. Medical insurance is a huge concern for any retirees under medicare age. I keep hearing that the government may offer some kind of medical benefit but am skeptical about a government ran health care system, nothing we can do but wait I guess.

Rain and thunderstorms around here today (Saturday) so looks like no motorcycling today. We may try to go to the races in Peru to watch Stephanie run if the weather cooperates. I'll keep you posted!

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