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Thursday, July 16, 2009

ho hum week

So far it has been a pretty boring week. We have just been going to work and then laying around watching TV in the evenings.

We did venture out to our GWRRA chapter meeting last night. We hold an auction every other month or so to raise operating funds. I have been the auctioneer for the last couple of years and it's kind of fun but means I don't get to bid on any of the goodies. All the items are donated by the various members and range from knick knacks to motorcycle goodies to home made baked goods. We usually raise anywhere from $150-$200. Most of the money goes towards paying for our Christmas party in December where we rent a hall and have a catered meal.

We started watching a new reality TV show called "Great American Road Trip". They put a bunch of families into class A motorhomes and they are traveling Route 66. They have stops along the way and have competitions and the loser goes home. They are not racing (thank goodness) so they can all travel at their own speed and they all camp together at the same spots each night. The producers apparently didn't think that motorhome driving lessons were important because several of the families are having difficulty navigating the big rigs. I can't believe they wouldn't give them some kind of instruction before turning them loose on the highways. Makes me shudder to think how many people just hop into a big rig and think it drives just like their Honda Accords. One guy refuses to empty the black tank so his wife has to do it. Rudee would not stand for that!! :-). Overall it's pretty funny and the first family out was no surprise. They were an overconfident bunch from the east coast. When they interviewed them she made sure everyone knew how big a diamond ring she had on (7 carats). I guess that's impressive to people who have to judge themselves on materialistic things. I was not unhappy to see them go.

We are planning on a camp out this week end. Our group has swelled to include several of our camping/motorcycling friends. We are looking forward to a nice week end. I'll keep you posted!

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