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Sunday, July 5, 2009

vacation wrap up

We left Columbus after having breakfast with Mandie and Matthew. There was the threat of rain coming towards us from the west so we decided to "cut and run" and we hopped on I-70 so we could make time. The rain started about 1/2 way home and we stopped in a rest park to put on our rain suits for the remainder of the ride. We made good time in spite of the rain and we arrived safe and sound at the 5th wheel around 2pm. We unloaded the bike and Rudee started doing the laundry while I got our campsite set back up and comfy.

Looking back on our trip, we had a really great time. We rode a total of 1906 miles with all but the last 200 miles avoiding interstates. I had initially wanted to take the whole rig down to Gatlinburg and just use the bike to tour the area. Rudee suggested that since our 5th wheel was our home now maybe we should consider just taking the bike and having a "real" vacation away from home. I'm glad she did. We have taken motorcycle trips in the past and really enjoyed them but it has been a few years since we have been able to do something like this longer than just a week end trip.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a marvelous road. The views are incredible and we are indeed blessed to have areas like this we can retreat to. Our ride took 4 full days, 3 on the Blue Ridge and 1 on Sky Line Drive, with hardly any other traffic. We were often the only ones at the overlooks we stopped at. The ride gives you the feeling of being an explorer traveling thru an unknown wilderness not knowing what magnificent sight you will see around the next corner.

For us it was a great vacation but if your goal is to ride as many miles and see as much as you can in a day then this trip wouldn't have been for you. We enjoyed slowing down and seeing the countryside and just enjoying each others company. We rarely rode over 40 miles per hour and if another vehicle came up behind us or we caught up with someone we would simply pull off and let a gap develop. This way we could tour at our own pace and keep that "private" feeling that made this trip so enjoyable.

I would definitely go back and do it again, maybe start on the North end this time and ride it the opposite way. The trip was truly a dream vacation since we started motorcycle touring 20 years ago and it should be on every motorcyclists "bucket list".

We are expecting company today. Amanda, Ryan and the grand kids may come over to hang out. Our grand kids have been taking swimming lessons and love to be in the pool. The weather is supposed to warm up today so maybe they can show us what they have learned. They may even talk Papaw into grilling out some burgers and hot dogs!! I'll keep you posted.

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