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Friday, July 17, 2009

ramp broke!

Thursday evening we decided to go ahead and load the bike onto the truck in anticipation of our week end trip. I pulled the truck up out of it's normal parking spot in the overflow parking here at the KOA and extended the ramp down to the ground. I pulled the bike onto the ramp and Rudee helped me tie it down. While raising the bike onto the truck the winch stopped, it would reverse but every time it came under the maximum load of the bike it would stop. I thought it may have been a bad electrical connection so I checked those first. They all looked good and were tight so I called the manufacturer to get some advice. I actually got thru and was able to talk to one of the technicians who walked me through a few things to try and then said it could either be the relay or the winch itself was going bad. They are supposed to send me new ones so I can replace them and send the old ones back to them. Hopefully they will be here by the middle of next week and I can get them installed next week end.

Rudee had the idea of taking the bike on over to the campground and leaving it there. We called Charlarose and talked to Gerald, one of the owners, who said no problem. I rode the bike over and Rudee followed in the Dakota. The campground is only about 15 miles away and we have camped there regularly for several years. Gerald met us at the office and had me park the bike in his equipment garage where it would be locked up and out the weather. He sure didn't have to do that and we thanked him for his generosity.

Rudee gets off at 3pm and we are going to hook on and head out as soon as I can sneak away. We wont have internet for the weekend but I'll update things as soon as I can on Sunday when we return. I'll keep you posted.

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