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Friday, July 24, 2009

Whoo Hoo ... FRIDAY!!

Looks like we made it to another week end!! I know those of you who are retired and already fulltiming are scratching your heads thinking "what's the big deal?" For those of us still doing the 8-5 Monday through Friday grind, today is the best day of the week. Friday means only 8 more hours of work and we can start the week end. Friday is full of anticipation and expectations of fun and games for the next 2 days. Friday is like being born again with your whole life ahead of you. I LOVE FRIDAY!!

Wednesday night we hopped on the bike and met Kadingers at a local parking lot to ride over to Lebanon to meet the rest of the Goldwing group for our normal Wednesday night ride to dinner. The sky was threatening rain and the reports talked about some light showers south and east of us and we hoped to be able to miss them. No such luck. We hit misty rain about 1/2 way to Lebanon that lasted until we got there. No one was at the normal meeting place so it ended up to be only the 4 of us on our 2 bikes. The ride was up to a restaurant in Frankfort, In. We rode in light rain pretty much all the way but it was not too bad, we didn't even need our rain suits it was so light. We arrived and found several of our group already there and joined them (they had all come in cars, chickens!!). We had a nice meal and the rain quit by the time we left to ride home. :-)

Thursday we got a delivery from the UPS man. When we went on our trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway last month we had a suitcase strapped to a luggage carrier on the hitch of our bike. The exhaust is right by the hitch carrier and melted some of the plastic on the suitcase ruining one of my shirts. We wanted something a little better than this to haul our stuff in. We used to have a cargo trailer but sold it when we went fulltime because we had no way to haul it around. Let's face it with a motorcycle our semi and pick up truck and my company car as well as 2 bicycles, we have enough things with tires and wheels. I found this in our Goldwing magazine and felt like it may be the answer so I ordered one, after getting clearance from the boss of course :-).

They were first designed to be used for golf clubs, hence the shape. The unit comes with 2 lids that are interchangeable. One lid is taller than the other but both give a waterproof seal. We have the shorter lid on now and it gives us plenty of space for 2 bags, jackets, and a lot of other stuff too. The main compartment comes off the hitch and can be wheeled into the motel room saving you from having to empty it in the parking lot and carrying all your stuff in, pretty cool. We are going to try it out this week end when we go to the Jelly Belly factory for an overnight trip. I think we'll like it. I plan to store it in the bed of the Dakota and we can even store things inside the unit as well.

Speaking of the week end trip. We are meeting Kadingers and Remley's at a gas station parking lot here in Crawfordsville at 5:30 tomorrow morning. Wow, that's early :-( We are going to stop for breakfast on the way to Lafayette where we are meeting the rest of the group at 7:00am. The weather sounds iffy but we'll be there rain or shine. I'll keep you posted.

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