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Thursday, July 30, 2009

leading a ride

We take turns setting up and leading the Wednesday night dinner rides for our Goldwing group. Rudee and I had volunteered to take care of this weeks ride. We arranged for our group to go to Little Mexico Restaurant here in Crawfordsville. We left the 5th wheel about 5:20 and met up with Kadingers for the ride over to Lebanon to meet the rest of the group.
We meet at the same place and time every Wednesday so even if you don't know where the ride is going you'll always know where it is starting from.
We had 4 other bikes meet us and I led them back to Crawfordsville for dinner. We arrived at the restaurant and found several others already there waiting on us to arrive. We ended up with a total of 19 people and had a nice evening. Our waiter was a lot of fun, we were joking around with him and he was giving back more than he got. We all parted ways about 9:00.

This evening we met one of Rudee's coworkers, Matt and his fiance' Val, in Lebanon at Flapjacks. Matt's birthday is this week and Rudee had a card and some Jelly Belly Jellybeans for him as a gift. They are busy finalizing their wedding plans. They are getting married in September. They have decided on the cake and are doing a tasting on the dinner menu this week end to decide on the final menu. We are planning on attending the wedding so hope they pick out some good food for us. :-)

We have invited the grand kids over to spend the night tomorrow night. Amanda is having a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday so this will give her a chance to concentrate on the sale while we get some quality time with the kids. We will probably take them to the pool and maybe have a campfire afterwards. Here is a photo of them last time they were here swimming.

Looks like I have another project brewing. Rudee thought there was a hair in the bottom of the bathroom sink but that turned out to be a crack in the bowl. :-( Rudee thinks my after shave bottle fell from the medicine cabinet and did the damage, maybe but who knows.
I guess I'll be looking for a replacement sink. I would like to have a porcelain or metal one instead of the plastic we have now but not sure if they make them in the same size or not. I can always go to one of the RV surplus stores up near Elkhart and get one there. I'm just not sure which way to go right now. I did seal the crack with some silicone but I'm not sure it's going to 100% waterproof, just trying to buy me some time until I can get a replacement.

I have a long driving day tomorrow, back up to Fort Wayne to look at a couple of cars. I will probably drive over 350 miles tomorrow and only get 2 tasks done. I guess they think that is worthwhile but it sure seems like I waste a lot of gas and time without much to show for it. I guess as long as they are paying for it (and me) I shouldn't complain. Only 1864 days until I can retire, Rudee has another 180 days after that and she'll be eligible too. We got a plan and we're working the plan! I'll keep you posted.

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