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Friday, December 11, 2009

The frost is on the pumpkin!

This week the weather has been brutal. The temperature dropped into the single digits, the wind howled and we had some snow. I finished up the home made skirting Tuesday evening and we both think it helped keep things warmed up by blocking the wind from under our RV. Wednesday the snow arrived and then the winds hit with a vengeance. 30 mph winds with gusts 50+ mph!! Needless to say several of my pieces of skirting didn't survive :-(

I was worried that we would have some freezing problems but I'm happy to report that all our utilities are working like they should. Here is what I have done so far.

1. Pirit heated hose for water supply. http://www.pirithose.com/

2. PVC sewer pipe ran at a good angle for proper flow instead of the slinky type plastic sewer hose.

3. portable heater plugged into a thermostat controlled plug in and placed in the basement to guard against freezing in case the furnace goes out. http://www.thermocube.com/

4. Vinyl skirting for the 5th wheel overhang (car port for the bike).

Inside the 5er besides the on board furnace we have a Infrared heater and 2 ceramic cube style heaters that we use to help maintain a comfortable temperature. https://www.iheaters.com/

We have been staying comfortable and the furnace is hanging in there (keeping my fingers crossed).

Our king size bed really takes up a lot of room and after reading on the Montana Owners forum that several had reverted back to queen beds we decided to make the change as well. We went to the local furniture store that advertised Tempurpedic beds and looked them over. We had decided on buying a memory foam bed. We had thought about an air bed but there are no outlets convenient to the bed. We tried out several foam mattress' and finally decided on one and arranged for delivery. I borrowed a saw from Mike Kadinger and cut the bed platform down to size. The delivery truck showed up right on time and the guys carried the old mattress out and brought the new one in and set it up. Wow what a difference. Not only do we have more room to walk around the bed but it is a lot more comfortable as well.

I have some different ideas on replacing the blown away skirting so stay tuned. We take my sister to the airport tomorrow evening for her flight back to Seattle. Not sure what other mischief we'll get into. I'll keep you posted.

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