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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter has arrived

A few days ago was the "official" start of winter. Well I'm happy(?) to report that winter has arrived here at the KOA as well. Here is a couple of photos I took this morning out the back window of the 5th wheel of our "winter wonderland".

We had about 2 inches on the ground yesterday morning and most of it melted away by mid afternoon. Another burst of snow covered the drive last evening and then this morning it started snowing pretty heavy and they are predicting an additional 3" before it stops sometime this evening.

We braved the crowds yesterday and headed for the shopping malls (yep we're gluttons for punishment). Our first stop was Wal Mart so Rudee could get her new lenses installed in her glasses. While she was doing that I returned the jeans I got her, they didn't fit :-(
With these chores done we headed to Brownsburg and picked up our skirting that was shipped from the manufacturer in Canada. Wow that box is heavy. We ordered 110' of vinyl skirting which includes the snaps to install it. We also ordered special clamps that attach the bottom of the skirting to frame work made from PVC pipe. We will purchase the PVC pipe locally and construct the frame ourselves.
Rudee bought me a really nice 12V drill for Christmas, probably the best drill I have ever owned. The problem is I use the drill to raise and lower the rear stabilizer jacks on the 5th wheel. You need at least an 18V drill with high torque to accomplish this. The drill she bought for me just didn't have the power I wanted so I took it back to Lowes and went shopping for a different one. I found plenty to choose from and decided on a combination kit that included a 18V drill, circular saw, saws all, and a flashlight. These are all battery operated with 2 batteries and the charger included. The kit even had a large bag to carry everything. I probably did a step down in quality but they should work fine for what I use them for around here. I had a nice circular saw that I sold in one of the garage sales figuring I would not need it. I have had to borrow a circular saw and a saws all two separate times in the last 6 months so I guess I figured wrong :-).
Rudee bought her Dad a new monthly organizer for his birthday so we delivered that to him in Plainfield. We stopped at my Mom's apartment on the way back home and visited her for a few minutes as well.
Back in Crawfordsville Rudee had her shopping list all made and we ended up back at Wal Mart buying groceries. This is about the time the snow started. We came out of the store and it was coming down hard and fast. We decided it was time to head home and stay there! Rudee cooked us up a couple of nice baked potatoes and we topped them with bacon bits, onions, shredded cheese and sour cream, ummmmm good! We had a movie to watch from Netflix and just vegged out in front of the TV for the rest of the night.

The furnace has been working perfectly since I replaced the sail switch. I was worried that it may have a hic up or two when the 100# tank ran dry and it switched to the on board 30# tank. Well that happened sometime Friday night and no problems (ya!!). I had the 100#er refilled here at the KOA and hooked it back up last evening. This larger tank lasts us right at 2 weeks and costs around $80 to fill. Sounds like a lot but we were paying more than that each month for gas in our sticks and bricks home. We were on the budget plan where they average your use out for 12 months and you pay a set amount year round. Now in the 5th wheel we pay to refill when we need it, costs more in the winter but almost nothing in the summer months.
We are going to another float building episode this afternoon and of course will have to go out to eat afterwards :-)!! I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Hope you stay warm! The snow is lovely. We had our blizzard [a real one!] last weekend and most of the 20" is gone now. :(

    Happily it is going to snow again on Thursday.

    Have fun with the float building. I hope you post pictures.