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Sunday, December 20, 2009

what's that white stuff ??

We stayed up later than usual watching a really exciting football game Thursday night. The Colts pulled it out late in the 4th quarter and we were both tired at work on Friday!

They were predicting snow for Friday evening and we were expecting 1-2" of the dreaded white stuff. Well the snow didn't come until Saturday morning and was not as bad as predicted. The ground is covered but the roads are all clear. I'm glad we are not further east where they are getting a blizzard with over 2' of snow in places.

We finished up our Christmas shopping on Saturday. We had eye appointments at Wal Mart at 9:30 and decided to let them change the oil on the truck at the same time. Between appointments and doing our shopping it was noon before we left. That's a first for me, spending that much time in a Wal Mart for cripes sake!!

Back at the 5er I watched TV and napped a little. Rudee took off and got her nails and hair done. She was a major Hotty when she got back!!

Sunday we are doing some more float building and hanging out with our friends. I'm sure food will be involved somehow, somewhere :-).

Furnace update: still working like it should, keeping my fingers crossed. I'll keep you posted.

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