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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HO HO HO, I can't find a place to park!

Well the Christmas shopping season is in the final mad rush. I got a call from Wal Mart telling me that our lens' we ordered on Saturday were in. Rudee had taken a 1/2 day off to go to Plainfield and help her Mother so I thought I would run into the store and get mine installed after work. When I got to the parking lot the place was packed. I went down several aisles looking for an available space and finally found one way out in the back 40 :-). I hate to see what it's going to look like tomorrow and Thursday since it looks like a lot of people are waiting until the last minute to do their shopping. Christmas has kind of snuck up on us :-).

We have had the occasional overnighter here at the KOA even though they are listed as being closed from November 15 until March 15. The manager lives here behind the office but she doesn't keep any kind of regular hours during the winter so I'm hoping the overnighters are using the after hours drop box and not just freeloading. She does leave the power on in the entire park and we have the water turned on for our row. Besides ourselves there are 2 others here for the winter.

We got a call Sunday from Niles and Deb who made it to Florida without any trouble. Niles called to rub it in and then asked if I could do them a favor. They haul their Goldwing in a cargo trailer behind their 5th wheel and were looking forward to doing a lot of riding, only problem was that Niles had left their helmets sitting in the garage back here in Indiana. I volunteered to drive to their house, through severe blizzard like conditions, pick up their helmets and fight through the holiday traffic to drop them off at the Fedex store. You owe me big time Bro'!! :-)

We are spending Christmas Eve with Rudee's family in Plainfield and then going to Amanda and Ryan's house Christmas day to see what Santa brought the grandkids. We are looking forward to spending time with family and having a 3 day week end as well.

My new skirting is still in transit and may be here tomorrow or Thursday. I'm hoping we can get started installing it this week end, should make for an interesting blog entry. I'll keep you posted.

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