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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Furnace and Goldwing fixed!

We have been spending the week trying to get back into the groove. I got a call Monday morning from Grumpy telling me that we have a head gasket leaking on the Goldwing and he should have it done later in the day. I made arrangements to pick it up late on Tuesday since we had an appointment at the funeral home after work Monday. We met with the folks at Myers Mortuary and made the final arrangements for my Dad's showing/funeral. We also started the process of pre-planning and paying for services for my Mom when the time comes. Hopefully we can save ourselves some difficulties by getting things done now.

Tuesday morning we got a call from the mobile RV repairman and he told us he would be out this afternoon to fix the furnace. I told him about the new "code" and how it was acting and he is convinced it is the electrical board and says he has one in stock. When I got home from work he still hadn't shown up or called so Rudee drove me to Thorntown where we paid for and picked up the bike. The weather was cool but not terrible and I had a nice ride back home.

Wednesday morning Rudee started calling the RV guy and leaving messages. He was recommended to us but we are finding out that he is not the best communicator and so far has not followed through on his commitments. I did not have a very good day and was stressed to the max and ready to bust a vessel and finding out the furnace still wasn't getting repaired sent me off the deep end. He has a small shop here in town so I decided to pay him a little visit. Luckily his shop is about 3 miles through town and I had a little time to cool off before arriving. I found him inside on top of a class C motorhome doing some kind of repair to it. I told him who I was and he immediately started in on excuses, couldn't find the right board, had to order the part, UPS hasn't been here yet, yadda yadda yadda. He told me that the part was on the UPS truck and as soon as it was delivered he would come and install it and would call me before 6pm either way. I was a little skeptical but what else could I do. I drove back home and he called about 10 minutes later and said he was on his way. He arrived and not only changed the board but also checked the gas pressure and did the recall work on the refrigerator that I had forgotten about. I felt kind of bad for him because it had started to rain and was turning cold. He finished up around 6:30 and the furnace seemed to be operating like it should, time will tell.

We went to the Wednesday night dinner ride with the Goldwing group which was to Creekside Restaurant here in Crawfordsville. While sitting in the restaurant the rain changed to SNOW. Yuck!! The flakes were huge and the cars were soon covered. The ground was still warm enough that the snow didn't stick but it sure reminded us that winter is just around the corner.

My sister and brother in law are flying in Friday afternoon and we are going to meet them at the airport. Matthew is driving home and will be staying on the couch here in the Monty. My Dad's services are this Sunday and then we can start to work on getting things back to as normal as we can. I'll keep you posted.

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