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Friday, December 4, 2009

Goldwing fixed at least :-(

Well you can probably figure out from the title of this post compared to yesterdays that the furnace is acting up again. Rudee and I are both off work today so we can get errands done in preparation for my Dad's funeral on Sunday. We headed to Lebanon and stopped at my Doctors office first thing. I was getting some blood drawn to monitor my thyroid. I do this about every 6-8 months so my M.D., Dr. Park, can adjust my meds if needed. I don't mind getting blood drawn, beats a colonoscopy but the discomfort is about the same. Just a big pain in the butt!! :-).

We grabbed breakfast and then went to the florist and picked out the flowers for Sunday. Rudee suggested we take the time and stop in to the BMV and get our address changed on our drivers license. We also wanted to update our weights too :-). When we were down in Florida we went to my parents bank where they had a safe deposit box that we needed to empty and close out. I had to show my I.D. (drivers license) to the gal there. She looked at the license then at me then back at the license and then looked back at me and finally asked if I had any other I.D. because I looked so different. It took one of the other employees vouching for me who had seen me in with my Mom the prior day before she would let me open the box. We figured we better get new photos taken. :-)

We headed back home and found that the furnace was out again. I took off the cover and the light was flashing the code for the limit switch/air flow problem. Looks like the circuit board didn't solve our problem. I called the repair man and he was going to call Atwood who makes the furnace and discuss it with them. He called me back in a few minutes and said they thought it was a "sail" switch which is inside the blower housing and he would be out in a little while to fix it. I told him we would have to be leaving and he said "no problem, everything I need is on the outside". We were going to the airport to pick up my Sister and brother in law who were flying in from Seattle. Rudee followed me to Indianapolis in my parents car which Frank and Paula were going to use while they were in town. Once we picked them up we stopped and got a quick bite to eat since they hadn't had a "real" meal all day.

We parted ways with Paula and Frank as they headed for his fathers house and we had a party to attend. Tonight was the Goldwing Chapters annual Christmas Dinner. We were running late but made it before the catered dinner was served and even had a few minutes to visit before dinner. We always have a good time with our biking friends. We have a small gift exchange at the party where each person who brings a gift gets a raffle ticket. They then get the gift that has the corresponding ticket on it. After all the gifts are handed out you get three minutes to trade your gift with someone elses. The traders get pretty funny and the only rule is you can't take back a gift from the person who took it from you. We always have a great time running all over the room "stealing" gifts. Once the time keeper yells stop we all open our presents and then go around the room showing everyone what we got. This year I got a hand made wooden pen in a nice wooden gift box and some peanut brittle. Rudee got 25 gold dollar coins all wrapped individually. We were both happy with our gifts and enjoyed our evening.

We made it back home around 11:00 and guess what?? Yep you are right, furnace was out. I had left the cover off so the tech could do his magic and the cover was still off which means it looks like he didn't even show up!! You would think this guy would at least call and let us know if he can't make it. He does work on Saturday so I guess I get to go and chase him down again tomorrow. I did get the furnace going again, just takes a rap on the blower case with a screw driver. Maybe if I wrap up in enough blankets I can sleep outside under the furnace door with my screw driver in hand so I can beat the heck out of it all night!! Is there no end to this furnace saga?? I'll keep you posted.

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