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Friday, February 5, 2010

Sad anniversary

Today was a good day to be slow at work. The snow started around 10am and once it started it came down fast and furious. I could have saved one of my inspections from yesterday for today so I could have "business" on both days. I'm glad I drove the extra miles yesterday and got it all done so I didn't have to be out on the roads today.

Rudee and I stayed huddled up in the 5th wheel all day watching it snow. Looks like we'll have no problems getting the 4-6 inches they predicted. I'm glad we're not further east. They are expecting more than a foot near Washington D.C.!!

17 years ago today I was working at the Sheriff's department. I was on "light duty" because I was recovering from a shoulder dislocation. In fact it was my last day before going back to regular duty. I was working in the dispatch center and was about an hour away from calling it a day and heading home. It was Friday and the weather was unseasonably warm. Around 1:30 in the afternoon I overheard a call from the State Police requesting assistance. One of their officers was on a traffic stop just over our county line and had been shot. Mike Greene was a Senior Master Trooper for the Indiana State Police and was assigned to our county where he had grown up as well. He was gunned down while attempting to arrest a motorist for an open warrant. He was on patrol when he saw 2 men outside their car parked alongside the interstate. The two were urinating on the side if the road. Mike turned his cruiser around and questioned them. He got I.D. from them both and had called in a records check on them and found out one of them was wanted for a traffic warrant. While Mike was handcuffing him the other guy pulled out a 25 cal. handgun and shot Mike in the chest killing him. I worked with Mike for several years. We regularly took our meal breaks together and he would back me up on calls and I would do the same for him. Mike stopped into the dispatch center earlier that day and was teasing me for having such a "cush" job. He was a nice guy who left a daughter and son behind. Rest in peace, my brother, I am proud to have called you my friend.

We are supposed to get together with friends Rob and Jany Runion tomorrow for dinner. Not sure if the snow is going to put a damper on that and any other plans we have for the week end or not. I'll keep you posted.

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