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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter doldrums

We have been watching some of the Winter Olympics on TV. I like the racing, speed type events the best. I thought it was kind of funny though when they had to postpone some of the events because of lack of fresh snow. I guess they could have moved them to Dallas Texas!! Who would have thought? :-).

Indianapolis has a large sports show each year called "The Boat Sport and Travel Show". It is held at the State Fairgrounds and encompasses 4 large buildings. They have all kinds of boats and RV's on display as well as vendors of all sorts. For the fishermen they have an area called "tackletown" that has everything the modern fisherman could ever want. In the center of it all is an area where lodges and State Tourism people set up their booths and pass out all kinds of literature for visiting their area. We always look forward to the show and have gone to it for many years. I remember when the kids were little and we were struggling to make ends meet this show was the highlight of our winter. We could take the kids and spend the entire day going through the different displays. I would always bring home a huge stack of brochures and spend the next month looking through them and dreaming of the time I could travel to remote places. The show starts this Friday and we are planning on going either Saturday or Sunday.

This time of year can be depressing for me. I really get sick of winter pretty quickly and get the itch to go camping and motorcycle riding. You are probably asking "how can this guy miss camping when he lives in a camper?". Well what I miss is camping with our friends and all that goes along with it (campfires, pitch ins etc). I'm trying to do better and keep my attitude on an even keel and just wait for the big melt down/warm up.

Matthew's new job seems to be going well. He has been doing training all week and this morning was Taser training. He volunteered to be the bad guy and got "tased":-). He called me a little while ago and said it was the longest 5 seconds of his life. :-)

We have the grand kids overnight Saturday night while Amanda and Ryan go to an overnight party for his company. They have it in one of the nice Hotels in downtown Indy and all the rooms, meals, drinks, parking .... everything, is paid for. They usually give away some nice gifts and cash so we are keeping our fingers crossed for them.

We are going to our Goldwing meeting tonight in Lebanon. The meeting starts at 7pm and we are usually there by 6pm so we have plenty of time to eat and socialize. Our very first meeting was in February of 1990 and we have probably only missed a handful since that time. 20 years sure does go by awfully fast. as always I'll keep you posted.

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