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Thursday, February 25, 2010

and the beat goes on ...

Monday afternoon we dropped my Dad's car off at a local mechanic. He was going to keep it inside his shop overnight and work on it the next morning. He was pretty sure it was the window regulator (my guess as well, but what do I know) and would not be a hard fix.

Tuesday morning we woke up to snow. We had about 1/2" overnight and the roads were slick. I had a few appointments and just took it slow and made it around just fine. By lunch time the roads were clear and it was smooth sailing. The mechanic called and had the car fixed. $309 for a new window regulator and it was good as new. Matthew and Mandie came over in the afternoon to use the wifi so they could file their taxes. They dropped me off at the mechanics on their way home so I could pick up the car. I hate having car troubles but at least this was only a minor inconvenience.

Work picked up late last week and was almost back to normal numbers. I had 5 appointments Monday but then it slowed to a crawl again and I have not been busy at all. Wednesday we drove to Westfield to Buffalo Wild Wings for our weekly dinner ride with our motorcycle group. The food was good but the service was lacking. Our poor waitress had no help at all even though there were managers and other waiters standing around doing nothing but talking in the middle of the dining room. My opinion is they needed some "adult" leadership instead of giving the impression of a bunch of lazy kids standing around trying to do as little as possible.

We got a call from my sister who now lives in Tacoma Wa. that her father in law had passed away and she was coming back to Indiana for the funeral. She flew in Wednesday morning. We got together with her and my brother in law Frank Thursday evening. We had a nice time catching up and will be seeing them again tomorrow evening at the funeral home.

We are attending a training session for our Goldwing group this week end. The training is in Greenburg Indiana and lasts all day Saturday and until 1pm on Sunday. Not sure what we will be learning but I'll keep you posted.

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