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Monday, February 1, 2010

lazy week end

We were pretty lazy compared to last week end. Friday evening we stopped at the local video store and rented a couple of movies. We subscribe to Netflix and can get 1 movie at a time and enjoy their service. The shipping is pretty fast and we can usually watch 2 movies a week this way. We did sign up for rentals at a local store though just for times when we were bored and wanted to watch more than 1 movie.

Rudee and I each picked out a movie and watched them both Friday evening. I guess I was not too impressed with them because I cant for the life of me remember the titles :-).

Saturday morning we drove over to Avon and visited my Mom. She was in good spirits and was thinking fairly clearly. We spent about an hour with her before she headed down for her lunch. We left there and went to Brownsburg to our mail forwarder and picked up our mail. We now have almost everything we need to do our taxes. I always get nervous starting that chore but we usually end up with a small refund, would be great if it was a great big fat refund but that's not normally the case :-).
We made it back to Crawfordsville and dropped off the rented movies back at the store. We didn't have any other plans so we rented 2 more movies and headed home. We watched both of those and headed to bed. See I told you we are pretty boring people :-).

Sunday morning I got a call from Niles who was unloading his bike from their trip to Florida. He has been researching his options on how to carry the bike on the back of his new Freightliner and wanted to do some measurements and test fittings. Sounded like a neat project so I offered to help and we headed to their house. We got the bike unloaded from his enclosed cargo trailer and measured out the space needed to fit it to the truck. He is going to have the frame lengthed and a new bed built to accommodate the motorcycle. The only drawback is which type of lift system to use. He found a hydraulic lift system that consists of a platform that sits flat on the ground and you anchor the bike to it. The platform is then lifted onto the back of the truck by a hydraulic arm. It's way cool but needs more room than a Rampage ramp like I have. Here is a pic of Niles' new truck.

We finished up all of our planning without really making any head way. The girls needed lunch and a Wal Mart run so we packed up and hit the road. Lunch was at the Red Onion in Sheridan where Niles got the biggest tenderloin sandwich I have ever seen. The meat and bun were both the size of a dinner plate! Huge!
We did some shopping and looking at Wal Mart and made a stop into the Harley dealership which was closed. They have "open 7 days a week" in large letters on their sign but I guess that's only on the summer :-(. Oh well no new motorcycles for us :-).

We dropped the Robinson's back off at their house and headed home. Rudee was talking to Steve and Trish on the phone on the way home and we made plans to meet them in Frankfort at Applebee's. We had a light meal and some good fellowship with them before heading back to the 5th wheel.

We made it back home and relaxed until bedtime. The weatherman says we are in for a bit of a warm up around here. Hooray!! Looks like we will get above the freezing mark most of this week. I sure am glad January is over. Next thing you know it will be spring and we can start riding the bike and enjoying the outdoors again, can't wait. I'll keep you posted.

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