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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow on the way!!

Work this week has been slow, slow, slow. I'm not sure what is going on with our business but my assignments have dropped off dramatically.

Tuesday I received a call from our mail forwarder that I had a package there so after work Rudee and I loaded up in the truck and drove to Brownsburg. We picked up our mail and the package which was the replacement heated water hose from Pirit. They sure got it here quickly. I hope the other one going out was just a fluke. We stopped in at Buffalo Wild Wings and had a quick dinner of chicken wings and nachos.

Wednesday I got the new hose hooked up. I picked up a set of new garden hose ends at Lowes and, using an older white hose I had, rigged up some adapters for the new hose. The heated hose has an electrical cord on the end that hooks to the campgrounds hydrant. This allows you to plug it in at the electrical post that is usually near the hydrant. The thermostat that turns the heating element on and off is on the opposite end that hooks into the 5th wheel. The company said that having this end inside a compartment (like mine is) has caused problems for others. I guess if the compartment stays warm enough the thermostat wont turn on and the hose will freeze. What I did was make up a homemade adapter so I can reverse the hose and then just ran an extension cord for the power. Hope it works.

We had a training meeting this morning in Indianapolis and I found out the other two appraisers were not getting many assignments either. Not that this is great news, but it made me feel better knowing I'm not the only one sitting around with nothing to do.

This evening the weatherman is saying we are in for the largest snow storm of the year. We decided (along with about 200 others) to head to Wal Mart and get some groceries. The place was a zoo. We took our time and probably bought a lot more than we should have. We got in line to check out and it took us 20 minutes at the register. There were only 2 people in front of us but the cashier, who had to have been at least 70 years old, was way slow. I'm not knocking senior workers but perhaps the manager that assigned her the register should have realized her limitations and put her on the 10 items or less aisle.

Looking forward to Super Bowl Sunday. Go Colts! We have not made any real plans and may just end up watching the game from right here in my recliner. I'll keep you posted.


  1. We're expecting a "historical" snow here in Northern VA also. It will probably hit us by noon tomorrow. Luckily I had everything stocked up except the cat litter. Ha, even the pet stores were swamped this afternoon.
    Be safe and stay warm.

  2. We ended up with 32.4 inches in NOVA with 10-12 more expected tomorrow. YAY I love it.

    And they never put the slow workers on 10 & under aisles - they always pick the fastest. In & out! So sorry you had to wait for the elderly lady. Just stinks, doesn't it, when you don't have to be anywhere? LOL