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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back "home"

Sunday morning I was up early and watched the sunrise behind the 5th wheel. What a pretty start to my last day on vacation :-).
Rudee was was shortly afterwards and I microwaved some bacon slices and toasted us some English Muffins for breakfast.
We started our individual routines of packing up the RV for travel. Rudee does the inside chores and I do the outside ones :-).
I had to add air to most of the tires since the weather has been getting cooler. The rear tires on the truck all needed between 5-10 lbs as well as all the RV tires were slightly low.
When we first got the semi I installed a retractable air hose to the onboard air compressor so filling the tires is a pretty simple process.
The fairgrounds RV sites were all on grass and that grass was now very wet with dew. Our truck does not do real well on wet grass and I was a little nervous that the truck would "spin out" trying to get in position to hook on. Once the wheels start spinning you are usually done and need to be pulled out.
I took it slow and backed under the 5er without any problems. Once we had hooked on Rudee helped me load the bike up and strap it down. We pulled out right at 10am and slowly worked our way through town to I-69 and headed South.
The drive home took us a little over 4 1/2 hours with a stop for lunch. We did run into some sprinkles but no heavy rain and were able to get set back up in site #4 at the KOA by 3pm.
We even took a quick trip around town after unloading the bike just to cool down after working hard sitting up :-).
The grand kids came to visit us Sunday evening and we had a nice time seeing them. Nicholas (the oldest) didn't make though, he was at a friends house.
Monday it is back to the routine of work everyday. YUCK! Don't get me wrong though, I like to be busy and don't mind working bit I am sure looking forward to being able to work at a "fun" job instead of the drudgery work I am doing now. To say I hate it is an understatement and I struggle everyday to stay focused to do the best I can do. It is defiantly time for a change. I'll keep you posted.

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