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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rally, day 2

We started Friday morning a little slower than normal. I could really get used to this not working thing, of course that will not happen for several more years but we are looking forward to the adventure ahead of us.
Rob and Jany had laundry to do, so they spent most of the morning doing that chore. We had some work (there is that four letter word again!) to do so stayed inside and got all that done.
A couple of days ago Rudee made a large pot of clam chowder that was out of this world good. We have been eating it everyday for lunch since and sadly today's serving finished it up.
Once Rob and Jany were back we strolled through the vendors and basically just hung around. Rob was absent several times during the day and spent a lot of time on his cell phone. Late in the afternoon he got one final call and announced that they had just closed the deal on the toy hauler!
Congrats to you guys, it is one great looking unit!
We celebrated by cutting into a pumpkin cake we bought at an Amish bakery. We bought the biggest one they had anticipating having lots of friends camped around us and having pitch in dinners and ........... Oh well, more cake for me! :-(
The rally sponsored a pizza party for dinner followed by a block party in downtown Coldwater. They roped off all the parking downtown for motorcycles only and most of the stores were open. They even had a band and some street vendors. We enjoyed walking through the shops and sitting and listening to the band.
We started back to the fairgrounds at dusk and settled in for the night, or so we thought. Jany came over and said Rob had just gotten a call that his Dad had taken a turn for the worse and was being rushed into surgery and he had better come to the hospital as soon as he could get there.
We helped them tear down, hook up and watched them pull out :-( Good luck guys, we are praying for you.
We made it to bed around midnight but did not sleep well. We are both worried about Rob's Dad, he has been in the hospital since July with all but a few of those days spent in ICU. This time has been rough on their whole family and our hearts go out to them.
So now, here we are. I'm not sure what to do from here. Rudee has talked about just packing up and heading back to our spot at the KOA a day early. I'm not sure if I want to do that or not. GWRRA has been a part of life for a long time and this will most likely be our last rally. We always looked forward to attending when we could all camp together, ride together and have fun together. Maybe this rally just reinforces our decision to "move on" and change our lifestyle. I miss the old days but we are looking forward to new adventures, new friends and new fun. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. We use to do a lot of the rally's but after awhile they were always the same. I did not need anymore "Safety Chrome" so we went to just socialize. Still a lot of fun though.

    Now we hope to hook up with different chapters as we travel around the country. No better way to find the best roads than to ask the local chapters. You can still enjoy your GWRRA membership, just in a little bit different way.

    Ride Safe