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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Maytag Repairman

We have a Splendide combo washer/dryer installed in the kitchen pantry in our Montana. Rudee loves not having to lug our dirty clothes to the laundromat. Our unit gets quite a work out and lately the clothes have not been getting dry no matter how long they are in there. She called the manufacturer and they said that a good internal cleaning was needed and should solve the problem. They emailed the instruction so we could "do it ourselves" and not have to pay a professional.
Saturday morning was designated "washer repair day" and yours truly was appointed "repair guy" :-)
I unhooked the unit and, with Rudee's help, got it out of the cabinet and carried outside under the awning for the big "operation". Reading the service instruction I quickly learned that none of the directions matched up to any of the things I was looking at on the washer. "Whoops, this aint lookin real good". I started taking out screws and removing panels :-O and still could not make head nor tails out the directions they had sent us.
I went ahead and unhooked every hose that I could unhook and made sure they were all clear. I did find a wooden Popsicle stick and 11 cents in one of the hoses. How in the heck did a Popsicle stick get in there??!!!
After cleaning everything we could get to I put it all back together and we positioned it back into it's cabinet. We did a test wash and still not drying, guess it's time to call the "Maytag Repairman", maybe he can understand their goofy directions.
I was off work on Monday to celebrate Labor Day so we decided to head to the small town of Clinton Indiana. There is a large Italian influence here and they have held the "Little Italy Festival" over Labor Day weekend for many years.
The street next to the Wabash River is open for pedestrians only and is lined with vendors for several blocks. We saw this really neat restored travel trailer that had been converted into a food vendors trailer. I am guessing it is 50's or early 60's model and really liked the windows and lines of the trailer.
The festival was mostly food booths selling typical "festival" food. We walked up one side of the block and back down the other side. Rudee did find a vendor that had a leather purse she liked (which is no easy accomplishment!) so she was able to "retire" her current purse with the broken zipper :-).
I have a short week at work this week and then we are heading to Shipshewana Indiana for a week to enjoy some Amish cooking and relax. We are going to attend a Goldwing motorcycle rally while we are up there as well. Rob and Jany Runion are joining us with their camper and we are all looking forward to getting away for a little while. I'll keep you posted.

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