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Friday, September 23, 2011

curve ball

Another week at work down .... yahoo!!
We got some news this week that our tenant is wanting to move out of our rental property down in Florida. She is wanting to buy a place in the same park and wants out of the lease 8 months early.
We are working to come up with an acceptable agreement to let her out of the lease. She has been a good renter and we are happy for her to be able to have a house of her own, but we still have to protect ourselves and our investment.
Looks like we may have to take a trip down to Florida pretty soon to take care of all the rental stuff. This kind of throws a wrench into our plans, but we need to learn to "roll with the punches" :-).
We have been checking into a rental management company and have even went so far as to get the paperwork needed to sign up.
This would cut into the monthly income the house generates when it's occupied but they do handle everything related to the house including advertising, interviewing and background checks on new rental prospects as well as taking care of all the day to day things that crop up. Looks like it might be a way to go since we may be several states away committed to a work camping gig when something needs handled.
The weather has turned a lot more "Fall like" around here. The farmers have kicked the harvest into high gear as well.
No big plans this week end, there are a couple of festivals going on in nearby towns and we may visit one or two. I'll keep you posted.

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