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Friday, September 16, 2011

it must be me

The rally officially started at noon yesterday when registration opened. We spent most of the morning being lazy. Rob wanted to run into town to fill up a propane tank so I grabbed our grille tank, which was getting really low, and we piled into his truck. He cranked and cranked and it wouldn't start. We could smell the diesel fuel so figured it must be glow plugs since it was pretty cool. I got my power cord out and we plugged the block heater in for about 30 minutes and it fired right up.
By the time we got the truck running the girls were ready to go to town so they joined us.
We stopped at a propane place that said to just leave the tanks and come back in 30 minutes and they would be full.
Stopping at Meijers we stocked up on some food stuffs and Jany found some deals on clothes.
We also stopped in to take another look at the toy hauler they are considering :-) No deal yet but maybe things will work out for them.
Back at the fairgrounds we had to stop and pick up our arm bands at registration so we could get back to the RV's, guess we are "official" now.
I did get the chance to talk to a couple of my fellow Chapter members about the camping spot selections. I am being told that the Chapter Director and his Asst. Chapter Director decided NOT to park with us. They could see us and it was suggested to them by the others in their group to come to the section we had saved for everyone but they refused. So I guess it must be me.
The message the four of you are sending has been received loud and clear.
Their actions remind me of High School where the kids would play these type of immature games. I refuse to be a part of it, those days have long since past and I am hopefully more of an adult than that.
The rally gets in full swing today. The temps are still cool but the skies are clear and we are looking forward to having fun with our friends. I'll keep you posted.

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