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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sunday morning we were up before the chickens. We left the campground at 5am to make the ride to Indianapolis for the Ride for Kids which is a charity motorcycle ride that benefits the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.
There was very little traffic at that hour and we had a nice 3 1/2 hour ride to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where the ride was held. We checked in and and got in line. The ride was fairly short but enjoyable and we got to take a lap around the Brickyard when we got back. They served us lunch and had a short program afterwards. There was over $23,000 raised during the ride.
We made it back to the campers as the sun was setting and were all tired and went to bed shortly after getting the bikes covered up.
Monday was designated as "salvage yard" day. The Elkhart area is "RV Capitol" and most RV's are made right here. There are many business' that directly supply the factories also here. There are also several salvage business that sell the "surplus" RV parts. If you need a new appliance or are doing any remodeling this is the place for you!
We made a large loop through this area stopping at several of the stores. Rob got a new vent to replace one that has a hole in it for the roof of their RV. I found some cabinet door latches that match the ones in ours to replace a couple that are broken. No real big buys but we had a lot of fun looking through all the stuff!
Shipshewana has a huge flea market that runs every Tuesday and Wednesday. This is not your average flea market. This place is huge and is more like a festival than a flea market. We dropped the girls off so they could shop and Rob and I drove to Goshen In.
I have a Trailair hitch on the 5er and the airbag on it is now crooked. I took some photos and wanted to show them to the manufacturer to see if they could tell if something was bent or just needed adjusted. I talked to Russ at Trailair and after showing him the pictures he thought it just needed adjusted but gave me a new airbag (no charge!) just to be on the safe side. Great customer service!
We drove back to Shipshewana and the girls were all pooped out and ready to leave so we picked them up and headed into Shipshewana to check out some of the shops there.
We ended up in Middlebury Indiana where we had supper at Das Dutchman Essenhous where the meals are served "family style" . We enjoyed plates of fried chicken, baked steak and bowls of corn, stuffing, noodles and mashed potatoes. The food was good but a little on the pricey side at $17 a piece.
Wednesday was moving day. We loaded the bikes back onto the trucks and got hitched up for the big move 35 miles up the road :-). Our destination was the GWRRA Region D rally at the Branch County Fairgrounds in Coldwater Michigan.
We checked into the fairgrounds office and paid for our camping. $15 per night for full hook ups and they said they are open for drive up camping as well all summer long. Will have to keep that in mind as they are only about a mile off of I-69 and would be a perfect overnight stop.
We parked and got everything hooked up and was able to save several nice sites for the rest of our "gang" who were due to arrive later today.
Rob has got "toyhauler" fever and has been looking at upgrading to a 5th wheel. He found one he wanted to look at here in Coldwater so we road the bikes over to take a peek. We all really liked the lay out and it was priced pretty fair. They are talking about it pretty heavy so this one may be "the" one.
Back at the campers we waited for our friends to arrive. Rob called them and they were only 20 minutes away and he let them know we had sites saved and how to find us.
They arrived and headed our way but something changed their minds and instead of parking by us they parked several rows behind us. Not sure what is up with that. Guess we'll find out later today. I took a shower so don't think it's that :-).
The weather is due for a change here and they are predicting lows in the 30's and frost!! Yikes. Two weeks ago it was in the upper 90's and now it is going to frost??!! Looks like the furnace will be getting a work out for a few days. I'll keep you posted.

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