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Thursday, January 3, 2013

blame it on me

Well I guess I'll take the blame, looks like I was dragging some cold weather along with me on the drive down from Indiana. We had one "decent" day of temps on New Years Day when the thermometer reached the low 70's. Rudee and I took advantage and was able to to take a nice ride in the morning before the rains moved in.

Wednesday was cold and windy so we decided to drive over and visit Fort Morgan on Mobile Bay. The fort was built in 1833 and it's guns guarded the entrance to the bay through several wars. The Civil War brought fighting and bloodshed right to it's doorstep and it was the last major port captured by the Union forces. Perhaps you are familiar with the phrase "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" well that order was given as the Union Navy attacked this fort. Torpedoes in those days were actually floating mines placed in the harbor, quite a bit different than the ones we are familiar with in modern times.
We paid our $7 each to enter the park and our first stop was the visitor center. Getting out of the Dakota we were met with this sight

yep, those are the Blue Angels practicing their air show routine. Cool!
We toured the displays they had inside and then walked into the Fort itself. The wind sure was blowing hard and it made it feel twice as cold as it actually was so we didn't dilly dally much but did get to visit the interesting areas inside.

Wednesday we had planned on moving down the road a little bit but when we woke up to rain showers our plans changed. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nicer day for traveling so we will take advantage and change our view a little bit.

We got some exceptional news today. The surgeon says Lexy will be keeping her fingers! The circulation has improved significantly and they are starting to talk about letting her go home soon. We are so relieved, I know she still has a lot of work ahead of her with additional therapy to help her gain movement and flexibility but she is one tough young lady! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh, so you fess up! Can you bring the sun and warm temps back too?

    Thank you for the update on Lexy. She sounds like a determined young lady.

    I like your fort photos.


  2. Wow, that's terrific news about Lexy! You guys are fortunate to get to see the Blue Angels practice. We just missed their last one when we were in Gulf Breeze.

  3. We visited Fort Morgan Campground April 2012 and tookin the Forts, A lot of history. Glad to hear about Lexi and hope she is fully recovered soon.
    When you were speaking of the Blue Angles I thought about the time we camped at a KOA in
    Milton / Gulf Pines Florida sitting right on I-10 / We were close to naval museum and quickly found out it was a training grounds for chopper of all types. Loved the campground and area.

  4. Good news about Lexy. It was great visiting with you both last night. I'm so glad that I have finally met you face to face. Hope that you get a good gate and tell Roger and Bob Hi for me.