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Monday, January 28, 2013

this is for the birds!

The gate continues to be slow overnight and only moderate during the daylight hours. This leaves us with lots of time on our hands. We keep ourselves occupied by reading on the Kindle, surfing the web, watching a lot of TV and doing some small projects.
A few days ago Rudee mentioned we had a full bag of sunflower seeds that a worker had given us last year while on the gate. She thought about sprinkling them on the ground across the road from the motor home to attract some birds to keep us company. I had a better idea, how about we fix up a bird feeder. How do you make a bird feeder you ask? Well we had no idea either but this is what we came up with :-).

That is a metal pie pan that once held a chocolate pudding pie with graham cracker crust yum! I punched four holes in the sides of the pan with my pocket knife and inserted two metal rods made by cutting a coat hanger. I used a tie wrap to hold the coat hanger pieces where they crossed in the middle of the pan and then tied a piece of clothesline to hang our new feeder from a nearby tree limb.
I quickly found out it was way too windy and the bird feeder blew all around like a kite. I tried adding some rocks to weigh it down but realized that wasn't going to work either. Rudee found a nice perch for it in a nearby bush where we can still see it but it is a lot more secure. She put some of the seeds in and we are waiting for our first visitors. :-)

Here is a shot of Rudee all dressed up waiting on the bell to ring.

We are enjoying the quiet here at our little corner of the world. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Glad to see you are all settled in. How long is your stint going to be this time?

  2. Jim and Judy,
    We have to be in South Dakota first week of May and want to see the grand kids before then so hopefully this gig will last until the 1st of April.


  3. Wow, you're like MacGyver..fashioning a bird feeder with things you had around. I'm impressed :)

  4. Love your header photo! check out ours right now. brightswheelife.blogspot.com

    That was in 2010. Now we're on an Ultra Classic.

  5. Hey! I have a vest like Rudee's only mine is florescent green. Steve has one too. We started "work" today. Wait till you see our electric dump truck!

  6. How far into the boonies is your spot? Is it one that I could handle solo? That's about the time that I want a gate. Neat little feeder, any birds yet?