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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

just chillin

Thursday morning we woke up to a lot better weather and more importantly no wind. Pulling out of the Cullman Campground we headed south. I can report that the roads in Birmingham have not improved any since our last trip through ........ bumpity bump bump. We took it slow and came through OK.
The traffic was not too bad and we made decent time arriving at our new home around 2pm.

We have belonged to Escapees for several years now and have stayed in their park in Bushnell, Florida a few times. This is our first time here at Rainbow Plantation and I am impressed. The sites are very roomy with full hookups. The downsides are the sites are all back in with just dirt/sand with a little grass mixed in and their WIFI is TengoNet that is a "pay to use" set up.
All in all it is a very nice park with friendly people.

Once we got backed in and set up I went to unload the motorcycle. I pulled the proper pins, hooked up the control box and pressed the down button. Nothing happened ..... nada ..... zilch.
Hmmmm, I double checked all the pins were out, electrical connections were good, the thing just would not go down. I tried the up button and the motor would engage but since it was all the way up nothing moved.
I tried the only thing I could think of. I got on the lift and bounced it some pressing the down button. Still nothing and it was after 5pm in Ohio so I was going to have to wait until tomorrow to talk to the company. CRAP!
Friday morning I was up and dressed early. I called the company while I stood beside the lift ready to try any and all suggestions. I explained my predicament and they had a solution ...... shake it!
Well, OK then, I shook it ... hard .... and guess what? It came down just like it was supposed to. :-)
They thought it might have been either a small metal spur or some dirt/road debri got in the mechanism causing a problem. Either way I raised and lowered it several more times with no issues.

We did make the drive over to Mobile and toured the USS Alabama.

That is one big ship with some great big guns on it! I could not even imagine the noise inside that steel ship when those big guns let loose. :-o

There is also a WWII submarine on display and we walked through it as well. I even have a nice knot on my head from one of the bulkheads in the sub ......... ouch!

Sunday we visited the Navy Flight Museum at Pensacola, Florida. They had a lot of nice displays and the best part is the cost .... FREE!

We ushered in the New Year last night watching TV in the motorhome. We thought about going to the clubhouse where they were having a party from 7-9pm but neither one of us felt "sociable" so we stayed home and enjoyed each others company. :-)

On a much sadder note we got a call Saturday that our step grand daughter, Lexy, was working with her Dad gathering firewood when she got her hand caught in the hydraulic log splitter and amputated two fingers on her left hand. She had a long surgery to re-attach them and so far things are going well. She is regaining some feeling to the fingers but the veins are not working as good as they hoped so the blood is not returning as fast as it should. They have a lot of confidence in the hospital and doctors so all we can do is keep her in our prayers. She has handled this very well and I am impressed at how strong this 13 year old young lady is. I will keep you posted.


  1. TM and I are praying for your step-granddaughter's full recovery. What a trooper she must be!

  2. Sorry to hear about your step-grandaughter. That had to hurt. Hope she does okay. We have been in Mobileacouple of times. That is one big ship I have never got through the whole thing. Happy New Year

  3. Bet Rudee cleared the submarine with no bumps to the noggin. hehe

    Will keep Lexy in our prayers. That had to have been horrifying.

  4. Happy New Year to you both. Sorry to hear about Lexy. Kids have a way of mending that us old folks lost a long time ago. Have faith

  5. So sorry to hear about Lexy, how horrible that must have been! The Naval Air Museum is terrific. We really enjoyed it when we were there.

  6. Sorry to hear what happened to Lexy. Ouch, ouch! I hope they save her fingers.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear of Lexy's accident and hope that te surgery is completely successful. Doctors are amazing. Last Fall, the tip of my grandson's finger was bitten off by a dog. The repair was successful and even his fingernail grew back. My prayers are with her and the family.

  8. So sorry to hear aboout Lexy's accident, thoughts are with her for a complete recovery.

    We are just down the road at Fort Pickens CP Campground. If you like sea food, be sure to check oout Joe Patti's, great stuff.