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Monday, January 21, 2013

working for a livin

Saturday morning we met with Josh who was going to lead us over to our gate and get us set up on the generator, septic system and our water tank. He had a "generator emergency" he had to take care of first but promised to be back in a couple of hours.
We hung out in the yard and eventually met fellow guards Terry and Debby Tirey. They had been on a gate for several months and when that job ended they came back into the yard to wait to be sent out again. These two are veteran full timers having been on the road for over 10 years. They have worked at several jobs and we enjoyed hearing about their experiences.
Josh returned around noon and we got on the road to the gate. The drive only took about 30 minutes before we turned off the main road onto the "ranch road" to our gate. We are 2 miles down this rutty, rough, narrow road.

I worked at getting our motor home set up while Josh worked on positioning and hooking up our utilities. Rudee helped me in between checking people in and out. The weather was nice and we could work in our short sleeves. Josh finished his work and left us on our own. I worked until the sun got really low in the sky but got most of our "stuff" done as well as all of our "gate guard stuff" out and set up. I positioned our driveway alerts that we carry to give us a little more notice of vehicles coming in and out. Another preparation was hooking our external "extend-a-stay" LP tank up. The motor home has a large on board LP tank that, when needing filled, requires you to drive the entire rig to the LP supplier. One way around this is to install the "extend-a-stay" T connection to hook up a portable tank, thus bypassing the on board tank. We carry two extra tanks, one 30 lb and one 20 lb, that we can use for either the grille in the summer time or to supply the coach in times like this. Here is a photo of the connection that I bought at Camping World.

I installed it myself and it was very easy to do, just remember to check for leaks at all the connections when your done. Better safe than sorry. :-o

We are settled in and getting back into the groove of answering the bell! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Good to see ya'll are gainfully employed!!

  2. Looking forward to hearing about the job. Good luck.

  3. Hope the weather stays nice. We start our posdition tomorrow.

  4. Glad you are settled in and bringing in the dough :)

  5. So glad to hear that you have finally on a gate. I'm so sorry to hear about Lexy's fingers.