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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

still sittin'

We are still sitting here waiting on work. :-(
The gate guard companies are slowly putting people out on the gates and we are hopeful we will get an assignment soon. In the meantime we have been taking advantage of the down time.
Saturday was "supposed" to be nice with partly cloudy skies and temps in the low 70's. Perfect for a motorcycle ride.
We woke up to thick gray clouds and the streets were really wet. We must have slept through the rain but it looked like it was going to be a damp type of day. We decided to go ahead and ride, hoping the sun would peek out and dry everything up.
Our route took us to Bandera, Texas which boasts itself as the "cowboy capitol". There are a few stores along main street as well as a couple of restaurants. We did some browsing in the shops and shared a really big (and good!) burrito at Old Spanish Trail  Restaurant. Not only did we each eat our fill but we had enough left over to make another meal!
The sun still had not made it's appearance but that didn't dampen our spirits any, it has been too long since we got to explore on the bike.
I took the long way back to the motorhome, enjoying our ride through some of the Texas Hill Country. Stopping at a car wash was a must though.

the "before"

and the "after"

Once back at the motorhome we loaded the bike back up on the lift and put the cover back on. The weather is supposed to turn colder for the next week and we wanted to be ready to head out for work if needed.
As predicted the weather did turn cold with lows in the upper 20's, in fact yesterday I switched out the "summer" water hose for our heated "winter" hose :-o.
I did brave the elements, if you can call temps in the upper 50's elements :-), and added some sealer to the roof of the motorhome. With the heavy rain we got last week we discovered a small leak in the front somewhere. The leak was not very big and we would only have an occasional drip from the front TV cabinet but I wanted to get it fixed before it got worse.
I had a tube of Dicor sealant and it took the entire tube to seal the front cap, clearance lights and windshield. We'll have to wait for the next rain to see if I fixed it or not. I would normally just take a hose up and run some water to simulate rain but they are pretty particular about water use in this part of the country so I'll wait for mother nature to test it for me. :-)

We got some bad news about our step-grandchild Lexy yesterday. She had an appointment with her surgeon and her fingers are not healing, in fact they determined that they would not heal and will need to be amputated and they scheduled her surgery for Friday. We are still in a state of shock since the reports from her Mother had been so positive and full of good news. She seems to be taking things in stride and will come through this just fine I'm sure. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Sorry to hear about Lexy's fingers. That must be hard for her, her parents and you.

  2. Glad you got a bike ride in before it turned cold. Thats sad to hear about Lexy's fingers.

  3. Vegas has been way too cold for us to ride. Steve did crank them up when we got home. Steve's bike started but might had a little trouble turning over.

    We move out to Echo Bay on Friday. It's waaay out there! We should get a chance to ride the bikes and also try out the new Jeep.

    Prayers for Lexy!

    1. have fun guys! I'm a little jealous though, your gig sounds like a good one!

  4. So sorry to hear about Lexy :( Glad you got to take the bike out for a bit. Taking these warm days in stride.