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Sunday, August 2, 2009

grand kids visit

I survived my drive to Fort Wayne and back on Friday. I stopped at Amanda and Ryan's house on my way home and picked up the kid's clothes, pillows, car seats and swim gear. Amanda was having a garage sale both Friday and Saturday and reported she had done well on Friday.
Once I got home Rudee was clocked out and shut down from her work computer so we were free for the week end. We drove the truck over to the day care and picked up the kids. They stay at a day care operated by a church near their house. They are doing very well there and the staff seem nice. They have a lot of kids there but in turn have a lot staff as well. The kids are divided into "classes" based on their ages a lot like regular school.
The kids were all excited and Avalynn told everyone she could see that "I'm goin' swimmin" it was funny. We loaded them up in the truck which with the car seats and booster seats is a chore in itself. We never had those things when I was little, in fact we rode in the back of my Dad's pick up truck (with a camper shell) sitting in lawn chairs! I guess you could be arrested for such "abuse" to kids these days :-)
The first thing we did when we got back was to change into our swim suits and head to the pool. The water was a little chilly at first. That didn't stop Nicholas though, he jumped right in. Avalynn was right behind him so I figured if they can do it then so can I. BRRRRRR that first jolt is the worst! We swam and played for about 45 minutes and I think Olivia was yelling and screaming for most of that time. She was sooooooooo excited and having so much fun she would yell and screech.

We had a coupon for a free large Pizza at a local pizza place that delivered and we had picked up the movie Horton Hears a Hoo (or is it Who?) and figured tonight would be a good night for pizza and a movie.

The movie was great for the kids and kept them entertained until bed time. Rudee made up their beds, the girls were on the floor and Nicholas got the couch. I guess it pays to be the oldest. We were all tired from the swim and went to bed shortly after 9pm.

Saturday morning Rudee made them biscuits and gravy per Nicholas' request. He loves his Grandma's B&G's, I do too for that matter. After breakfast I took all three of them for a walk to the trash dumpster to get rid of the pizza box and then we went to the playground to burn off some energy. Well they burned off the energy, I just pushed the swings a little. Here are our three little rug rats Nicholas, Avalynn and Olivia.

We dropped them back off with Mom and Dad around noon. Rudee and I headed to Modern RV in Anderson. She wanted to get a new patio rug since our's was showing a lot of wear and tear. We found a nice burgundy colored one that matches the awning material. While there Niles called and they were at the KOA wondering where we were at. Darn, visitors and we were not home :-(
We made plans to meet them at their house since it was about 1/2 way between us. We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting with them and made plans to go for a bike ride today. We are meeting them and Suter's at Flapjack's in Lebanon and heading to southern Indiana. No real destination in mind, just riding. I'll keep you posted.

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