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Monday, October 12, 2009

another project done

Rudee and I did a little sleeping in Sunday morning. I finally got up around 9am and made the coffee while Rudee cooked up some bacon and eggs. AAAAAHHHHH this is livin!

After breakfast I decided to at least get a couple of things done rather than just lay around being lazy all day. I decided to go ahead and attach the new LP hose so we will be ready to attach the 100lb tank the campground is letting us use this winter. Rudee came out and together we had that little chore done in no time at all.

Saturday on the way to the festival we stopped at Gardiner's Rv in Lafayette. Steve needed a new sewer hose. His came out of it's holder and he drug it on the highway for a ways before he noticed it. I looked around the store some and found this LP gas monitor.

The LP gas system on our 5th wheel has 2 tanks. Both tanks are hooked to a regulator and when 1 tank runs dry the regulator automatically switches to the full tank. There is an indicator on top of the regulator that turns red when the tank goes empty so you can tell at a glance that you need to fill the tank. It's a good system but the regulator is only accessible through one of our outside compartments and I tend to forget to look and see if the gauge is red or not. In the winter this could be a hazard if we totally run out of propane at 2am and it's butt cold. This monitor has a sensor to hook to the regulator gauge and is hardwired to the monitor which you mount somewhere inside your rig. When one tank runs out and the regulator does it's auto switchover there is a light that flashes on the monitor. The light continues to flash until you fill the empty tank. Pretty cool huh?

We decided to go ahead and try and get it mounted as well. I tested the thing before running all the wires and then Rudee and I got to work figuring out where to mount it. We decided on the bathroom wall figuring we are in there pretty regularly plus we could run the wire up through a furnace vent in the floor. The whole install took about 30-45 minutes and went pretty smooth. We tested the unit again and it worked as advertised. Now we can tell (without going outside!)when the gas runs out on one of our tanks (including the 100lber) and can get a refill without taking the chance of running out completely.

Yesterday was my sisters birthday. Happy Birthday Paula!

I think Fall has arrived to stay here in Central Indiana. The temperatures are supposed to be cool all week. We have a camp out planned for this week end to White River Campground in Cicero, Indiana. They are having their annual Halloween Camp out complete with trick or treaters. Amanda will bring the grand kids and we are looking forward to some "spooky" fun. I'll keep you posted.

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