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Thursday, October 8, 2009

still slow, still soggy

Things are still slow at work. I finally got an assignment late yesterday. Whew, I thought they were trying to tell me something :-).

Wednesday was still cool but at least the sun was shining. Since my work was slow Rudee decided I should get some things done around the house and I couldn't agree more so I got to work.

I got out my drill and hole saw and Rudee got out my medical card and had my life insurance policy handy :-). Our new table needed a hole into the hidden compartment for the power cords to my various chargers. I'm happy to say I got the hole drilled and still have all my appendages intact!!

Next on the list were some outside chores. I had purchased a small section of white drinking water hose in order to move the water softener tank into the heated basement compartment of the 5er. I fixed it up while dumping the black tank. Hey, look at me!! I'm multi tasking :-)!!

I had also picked up a new anode rod for the water heater. The anode rod is screwed into the tank and the minerals in the water that are harmful to the tank and cause corrosion are attracted to the anode rod and "eat" it up instead of the insides of your water heater. I change ours about every 2 years. The old rod was probably 75% gone so it was time. Here I am using more tools and not bleeding. Amazing!! Rudee keeps looking out the window with her cell phone in hand, of course after 31 years she has learned to keep the phone close and to have 911 on the speed dial :-).

The weather held up and we decided to ride the bike to our regularly scheduled dinner ride. We met Bill and Jane here in Crawfordsville and rode with them to Lebanon and met the rest of the gang there. We had 9 motorcycles in our group and rode to Noblesville to the Sandpiper Restaurant for dinner. It was more bar than restaurant and was very dark and smokey but the food was good and the company even better. We headed home around 9:00pm and it was cold!! The temperature had dropped into the mid 40's. Rudee and I both bundled up in pretty much anything and everything we carry in the bike to wear. BRRRRRRRR. We survived the 50 mile ride home and were glad to get back into our warm home. I'm glad the furnace is still working!!

Today was a gray and wet day. The rains started shortly after 8:00 am and was steady for most of the day. I had to make a trip to Indianapolis for work but am still not getting very busy. I have been through times like this before and it usually ends with me getting a ton of assignments all at once so I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We have been planning and preparing for spending the winter in the 5er. One of things we wanted to do was get a larger propane tank put in place and make arrangements to have a gas company fill it on a scheduled basis. This way we wouldn't have to refill our small tanks (the ones on board the 5er) so often. Rudee called every propane provider in the phone book today and came up empty. I guess the best business to have in a recession is propane sales and service. None of the companies in or around Crawfordsville would rent us a tank and sell us the propane needed for this winter. The KOA does refill cylinders and I had pretty much surrendered to the fact I would be refilling one of our tanks every few days. We talked to Jamie in the office to see if she had any suggestions and she offered us the use of a 100lb tank that she has. We accepted her offer and really appreciate her helping us out. The tanks on the 5er are 30lbs and would probably only last 3-4 days each during the winter. I plan on purchasing the needed hardware so I can hook it into our system and we should be able to go for a couple of weeks (maybe more) between fills. Sweet!

Steve and Trish have invited us to go to the "Feast of the Hunters Moon" festival in Lafayette Indiana on Saturday. The rain is supposed to have ended by then (I hope) and we are looking forward to a fun, fall day. I'll keep you posted.

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