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Sunday, October 11, 2009


After work on Friday we loaded into my company car and made a trip to Camping World. I needed to get a propane hose for the 100lb tank we are adding. Camping World is on the south side of Indianapolis right off I-65. We headed to Lebanon and got on the interstate there. We hit Indy right at rush hour which should be named "no rush" hour. The rain was off and on and the traffic was terrible. Several times we came to complete stops and rarely went over 40 MPH.
We made it to the store about 20 minutes before they closed and locked the doors. They had a big selection of different hoses but a nice young lady helped me find what I needed. We also purchased a skirt that will enclose the area under our bedroom overhang. This will give us an enclosed storage area for our bicycles as well as providing some protection from the cold winter winds.
Niles had called and asked if I could pick up some truck parts for him at the Freightliner dealership so we made that stop as well. I still had a gift card for Red Lobster that my kids had gotten me for my birthday so that was our choice for supper. Good choice!! I know some of you that get to spend time on the coast are probably scoffing at my restaurant choice for "good" seafood but we are pretty limited here in the corn belt. :-)

Rudee called Niles and we met him and Deb at Denny's in Lebanon and had desert there. We enjoyed "trading lies". I guess we were there longer than I thought because as we were leaving the "late night" crowd was just starting to come in. You know the types. Multi colored hair, pierced noses/cheeks/lips (and who knows what else) and the odd clothes. Brings back memories of working the midnight shift at the Sheriff's Department. :-).

Saturday morning we met Steve and Trish at their house. We were all going to the "Feast of the Hunters Moon". Steve had gotten called into work but was back home shortly after we got there. He drove his police car hoping we could get preferred parking and it worked. They parked us at a fire station about 3/4 mile from the festival entrance and drove us in on a golf cart. Cool!!

The festival is held at Fort Ouiatenon in West Lafayette, Indiana. History tells us that the French established a trading post and Fort here back in the 18th century. The festival re-enacts the events of traders arriving from the North and the fur trappers and Indians from this region. There were "camps" set up and a large number of re-enactors spending time in their camps.

They had drum and fife corps that were performing and lots of food and craft tents.

We enjoyed looking thru the area and seeing all the hand made items for sale. This guy had an interesting hat.

We caught a ride back to the car and headed back to Suter's home around 3pm. They were meeting someone that evening so we said our goodbyes and hopped into car as soon as we got there. As soon as I drove away I knew we had a problem. The right rear tire was flat :-(. I pulled back to Suter's and Steve and I put on the doughnut spare so we could make it home. I will take the car into the shop first thing Monday and get the tire fixed.

Sunday we hope to sleep in some and have a quiet morning. We'll see and of course I'll keep you posted.

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