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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

back to work :-(

Well we didn't get our windfall BINGO winnings last night so it's back to work for us.

Rudee got off early yesterday because we had to take our youngest grand daughter, Olivia, to the doctor. She had been having some flu like symptoms off and on for the last several days. She would get sick one day and be fine the next then get sick again. She just couldn't stay well two days in a row.
Her Doctor's offices are next to the hospital in Lebanon and we got there just in time for the appointment, only bad thing is they had moved :-(. We rushed to their new office and they were nice enough to see her even though we were late. Olivia took the exam in stride and the verdict is she has picked up a stomach bug and it will only take some time and it will pass.

Amanda met us at in the parking lot on her way home from work and we transferred all the "stuff" and Olivia into her van. It never ceases to amaze me how much "stuff" you have to lug around to take care of one tiny human being. Seems like the smaller they are, the more stuff you need. Just look around the restaurant next time you are out eating. The young families come in with arms full of huge bags full of who knows what not to mention the little one who is usually strapped into some kind of seat/carrier that doubles as a high chair. I guess I don't remember doing all that but we must have. Glad we don't have to anymore :-).

We met Steve and Trish at the Lebanon Eagles Lodge for BINGO. We have standing reservations in the non-smoking tables. They put a card with our names on it in front of our seats even though we only go once a month or so. We bought our packets and got ready to start raking in the money! We played and played and lost and lost :-( I did get with in one number of winning $1,000.00 on the next to last game. You have to get a BINGO in 6 number or less. If that 6th number was N-37 I would have been one happy guy! It was not to be and someone BINGO'd on the 7th number for $100 and thus ended our last chance of the night for big riches :-)

We enjoyed Steve and Trish's company. Steve is retired from the Frankfort Police Department. We saw each other through some tough times and could count on each other to talk to when times got rough. Sometimes a cop can only talk to another cop and back when I was "on the road" as a Deputy we could always count on each other for support.

Rudee's company is providing her with a flu shot again this year. She will have to drive to the office to get it, but at least they are making all the arrangements. I will have to get mine either at the clinic or the drug store. I missed getting one a couple of years ago and had a bad case that put me down and out for about 3 days so I'm a firm believer in them. This new H1N1 shot is all you hear about on the news. I did see a TV commercial saying they are becoming available around here but only for people between the ages of 2-49. What's up with that??!!! I turn 50 and all of a sudden I'm old and dispensable??!!! Guess I'll just take my chances with the "pig flu".

Work has been slow, slow, slow. I have only gotten 2 new assignments yesterday and none so far today. It's times like these that I worry they will start downsizing again. I keep reminding myself that we are in a good position to weather the storm if I am laid off, just don't want to have to if you know what I mean.

Today has been a wet gloomy day. The farmers around have been out in their fields harvesting corn and beans. The heavy rains we had this morning will put a stop to that for a day or two at least.

The nights have been cooler and we have been running the furnace. Well at least we have since I fixed it, again !! We woke up last Wednesday morning and it was cold inside and the furnace would not come on. I checked and the gas tank was full. Crap, I just had the thing worked on at the factory. I took off the outside panel and there is a switch behind it that I shut off and then flipped back on. The furnace fired right up, hmmmmm. While standing there with a dumb look on my face trying to figure it all out my hand barely touched one of the wires going to the switch and it shut off. Aha!! Loose connection! One of the connectors put on by the manufacturer was not making a good connection so I replaced it with a better one. The furnace fired right up then. I shook the wires and it shut down again. There was another connector that was also loose so I replaced that one too. This seemed to fix it and the furnace has worked great ever since.

I have a few more "projects" in store before winter. I guess I better hurry and get them done because winter may get here sooner than we think! I'll keep you posted.

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