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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

getting nicer

Monday was cool but the outlook was for a warm up. Rudee was back at work in her little cubicle here in the 5er. She doesn't have a huge area but she seems to like it just fine. She'll like it even better when the snow and ice start covering the roads and she doesn't have to venture out.

I started the morning out by downloading 2 new assignments and headed out the door. The sun was shining and the air was crisp, it was a perfect fall day. I finished up my work and was back home by 2pm and it had warmed up to the low 60's. I decided to get up on the roof and mount the vent covers we bought when we went to Elkhart and bought the new table. These covers are vented and allow you to open the crank up vents we have in the ceilings of our bedroom and bathroom when it's raining or when we are moving down the highway.I gathered up the tools I would need as well as the 3 vent covers and climbed onto the roof. I have never been real steady on my feet and have not been a fan of heights so me being on a roof is recipe for disaster :-).

The install went pretty easy and Rudee only had to come outside one time to toss a bolt that I had dropped back up to me. I did have one minor screw up. After mounting all the covers I forgot to have her make sure all the vents would crank open and closed. I got everything put away and went inside only to find out two of the vents were scraping the covers. Rats!! It was an easy fix though, just a little adjustment but I did have to get all the tools back out again :-(.

Today was even nicer weather wise, than Monday. The temperature actually reached 70 and Rudee turned the air conditioner on for a little while this afternoon. She wanted to open the windows and let the breeze in but we had another issue that prevented it. We have been invaded by Lady Asian Beetles. There are swarms of them all over. Somehow they are getting inside the 5er as well. I think they may be coming in around the slides. They look like lady bugs but are orange with black dots. I looked on the internet and they swarm in the fall for a very short time, usually after the first cold snap followed by a warm up. Rudee had killed a ton of them before I got home and then I took over "bug patrol" and killed a bunch as well. I sprayed Raid around the slideouts but don't think it did much good. They were crawling all over our 5er as well as all of our neighbors. I guess we'll just have to put up with them for a few days until it turns cold again.

We were leaving to go and pick up the motorcycle and found that the maintenance guy here at the KOA had set our 100lb LP tank outside our door. I'm not sure when he did it or why he didn't knock on the door to tell us, but it was nice of him to bring it over. I bought a 2 wheel dolly to wheel it around on and gave it to him the other day so he could get the tank filled at his leisure and then I could wheel it around instead of having to muscle it around. I wheeled it over into place and hooked it up. During this last cold snap we went through one tank in 7 days which is 1 gallon per day. That's not too bad and this larger tank should last between 3-4 weeks.

Rudee is organizing a trip to the horse track for the Goldwing Chapter for this Saturday. We have reservation in the clubhouse restaurant and they also have a casino next door. Should be a fun day. I'll keep you posted.

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