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Thursday, October 15, 2009

wet and cold

This week has been cold and damp. The rains started early Wednesday morning and we haven't seen the sun for a couple of days. :-(

Yesterday the temperature never got out of the 40's and today wasn't much better. I am getting a few more assignments this week compared to last, not busy but at least I'm doing something.

The usual Wednesday night motorcycle dinner ride was rescheduled for Tuesday night and was to be a wiener roast at our Chapter Director's house. We had to make a last minute trip to Brownsburg and met Rudee's parents there so just decided to get something to eat with them. Neither one of us was looking forward to sitting outside in the cold cooking a hot dog but we missed visiting with our friends.

Today we had more rain, cold and gloomy skies. Rudee had to go into the office for a team breakfast and she left just before I did. When she had to report to the office every day she always left 30 minutes or more before me and now she can sit at her desk in her jammies all day if she wants. Pretty nice gig, huh? :-).

After work I bundled up and pulled the bike out from under the 5th wheel overhang. We refer to it as our "carport". Rudee followed me over to Mike Kadingers rental property. Mike offered to let me park the bike in his garage for the winter and I had called him earlier and asked if I could park it there for this week end. We are going camping with the motorcycle gang but the temperature will be too cold to do much riding so we are parking it rather than packing it.

The campground has been busy this week. The past weekend the place was packed! We drove around and counted 3 sites empty. We finally figured out that the crowd was due to the Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County Indiana. This festival lasts for 2 weeks and is the biggest one I have ever seen. There are craft booths, food booths and flea markets in every town in the county. We have been several times and enjoy the festival but hate the crowds. They also have mapped routes to the covered bridges that are still in place around the county. They say there are more here than anywhere else.

Rudee is getting off at 3:00 tomorrow and we should be able to roll out soon afterwards. We are heading for White River Campground in Cicero Indiana. This is one of our favorite campgrounds but it has gotten difficult to get into. This week end is their annual Halloween party and we made this years reservations before we headed home from last years party! We hope the cold doesn't keep all the ghosts and goblins inside! I'll keep you posted/

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