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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flyin By

The week that is :-). We have both been busy little beavers this week. I can't believe September went by so fast. The trees are just starting to get their fall color. I guess snow and cold are not too far away ....... yuck.

Last night we carried the kitchen table out and loaded it into the truck. We drove it to Plainfield so we could try and sell it in the garage sale Rudee's Mom and Sister are having this week. They have a lot of stuff in their garage on display and should have a successful sale.

After dropping off the table we drove to Brownsburg and met the gang at Tequila Sunrise Restaurant. We had a large crowd and enjoyed the meal and the company.

Tomorrow is Grandparents day at Avalynn and Nicholas' school. Rudee has taken the afternoon off and it looks like my schedule may work out so I can attend as well. The grandkids get a real kick out of it and truth be told, so do we :-). The worst part is hanging around with all those "old" people. I can't believe how all the people we live around and have known for years have gotten so old while Rudee and I have not a changed a bit :-). I'm kidding of course, but I sure don't "feel" like a grandpa. I guess that's a good thing. Here is a sign I saw at the Montana Rally.

Rudee and I took walk through the fairgrounds one morning and found this guy peeking out to say Hi.

We are still planning to make a trip back up to RV Surplus in Elkhart on Saturday. They are only open until noon so we'll need to get an early start. Maybe I can get a train to go through the campground :-). I'll keep you posted.

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