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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Frosty week end

Rudee was able to get off work at 3:00 and I had made it home around 2:00pm. I had a few things to do for work and was able to get started the hooking on process about 2:45. I pulled the semi around and got hooked on and then noticed that the passenger side outer rear tire on the truck looked low. Well to be more accurate, it looked flat and it was !!

Last week I had taken the truck into the Goodyear store in Lebanon and had replaced the passenger side rear duals with brand new tires. Needless to say I was not too happy to see they had no air. I got out my air hose and started airing the tires back up to see if I could spot the leak. The tires hold 110 lbs of air and it took a long time to get them aired up. Rudee had finished the inside packing and came outside and started doing all the things I normally do until I finally finished the tires. There was no hissing of air and everything appeared normal so I finished up the packing and checked them again before pulling out. They were both holding air so I figured I could at least make it Lebanon and stop at the tire store if need be. Rudee followed me out of the campground and onto I-74. We exited at SR 32 and I stopped again to check the tires. Still looking good so I decided to go ahead and go to the campground and we could deal with the tires later since they seemed to be holding air fine right now.

The drive to the campground took about 1 hour and the tires held air just fine. We checked in and got parked in our site and set up. We had a nice long site with a gravel pad and a nice big shade tree. We did have full hook ups but the power was only 30 amp but that's OK we don't have to have 50 amp, just can't run the fireplace and coffee pot at the same time :-). The campground was having a "themed" week end and we put our decorations up.

Saturday morning several of us went out for breakfast. I checked the tires on the truck before we left and they were low. Crap, I got a leak. I called the tire store and they said I could bring it back in anytime. Rudee and I headed for Lebanon as soon as we got back from breakfast. They got us in fairly quickly and found the problem. I have a pressure monitoring system that has a hose hooked to each valve stem and then to the gauge. when they mounted the new tires they had not tightened one of the hoses tight enough and it was leaking. They fixed me up and so far so good, we still have air!!

Amanda brought the kids over so they could trick or treat. They all got their costumes on and we walked through the whole campground filling their bags with candy.

The campers went all out decorating their sites.

Here is a a couple of "spooks" tying the knot.

We even got to meet Scooby Doo.

The kids got more candy than they will ever eat and had a great time. The weather was pretty cool but no rain (or snow!!).

Sunday morning there was frost everywhere. The skies had cleared overnight and the temperatures dropped ............ brrrrrr it was cold. We didn't get in any big hurry to pack up and instead sat around the campfire watching the early birds leave. Rudee heated up some leftover veggie soup for lunch. We figured we had better get a move on or they would charge us for another night, so we started packing up. We pulled out of our site around 2:45 beating the 3:00pm check out time.

I had Rudee lead in the Dakota this time. I think she liked leading better than following, more to see :-). We made it back just fine and got set up again in our spot here at the KOA. We really enjoyed the camp out and spending time with our friends and of course seeing our grand kids. The weather is supposed to warm up some this week. I'm glad because I'm not ready for this cold yet! I'll keep you posted.

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