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Thursday, January 21, 2010

early week end

Rudee and I are taking Friday off so we can attend the motorcycle rally so we will get a 3 day week end. Whoooooo Hoooooo!!
Wednesday evening we attended the meeting of our local Goldwing Chapter. I am in charge of presenting the "sour grapes" award. This honor goes to someone in the chapter who has done something kind of stupid since the last meeting. Sometimes I only have one or two "candidates" and then there are some months, like this one, where the competition is stiff. Our chapter colors are purple and gold so the award fits our theme. This month we had a member trying to build a float with an electric staple gun that wasn't plugged in (took him a while and some assistance to figure out why it wouldn't work LOL). Another towed their motorcycle all the way down to Florida only to realize they had left their helmets in Indiana and had to have them shipped down by Fed Ex. A popular add on to our motorcycles is an LED license bracket that scrolls a message similar to the Times Square sign in New York. One of our members installed one on his bike and programed it to scroll his name, only problem was he spelled his own name wrong .... DUH. Of course yours truly has never done anything remotely stupid to justify having to wear "the grapes" for a month. :-) I'm the one that chooses who wears them and you can't call a foul on the referee so I think I'm safe from the "honor".

We also have an award called the "fine wine" that is given to someone that does something above and beyond. Well they gave it me. I was driving to Fort Wayne last month and came up on an accident that had just occurred. A pick up truck had crossed through the median and hit the guardrail on my side and then overturned. I didn't see it happen because a semi was blocking my view. The semi driver and I helped the guy out of the pick up once we determined he was OK. I had forgotten about it and was flattered that my friends thought I deserved recognition for it. Here is a photo of the "fine wine" which is actually sparkling grape juice. :-).

We are meeting Robinsons tomorrow morning at Flapjacks for breakfast and then heading to the rally. I'm not sure I will get to post anything from the rally but I'll be sure and take a lot of pictures to share. We are planning on going to the RV show on Sunday after the rally ends. Looks like we will have a busy week end. I'll keep you posted.

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