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Thursday, January 28, 2010

no water

We are slowly recovering from the week end. Work has been, well ..... work. You know how it is. We spent both Monday and Tuesday evening here in the 5th wheel just relaxing and watching TV.

Wednesday afternoon our son Matthew stopped in to change his clothes on his way to the interview I mentioned. He called a couple of hours later and said he thought it went really good and was on his way back so we could go out to eat. I guess as soon as he hung up from me his phone rang and they offered him a job!! He doesn't have a start date yet but will be either Feb 10th or the 15th. He is going to be a Corrections Officer for the Clinton County Sheriff's Department.

He made it back to the 5er right as I was clocking out and we headed to Lafayette to look at an apartment for him and Mandie. The palce was a duplex that was just so-so. He thought he could do better going into an apartment complex and wanted to look some more. We met the Goldwing group at Little Mexico in Lafayette for dinner. We had a big crowd of almost 30 people and had a good meal.

This morning I got up and there was no water :-( The temps were in the high teens but we had been through temps lower than these so I wasn't sure what was going on. I went outside and checked the campgrounds hydrant and it flowed there. I grabbed the heated hose and it was frozen, rats. I disconnected it and brought it inside to thaw out. I had just read on the Montana Owners Forum of another winter RVer who had the same hose and his quit working earlier this week. Luckily I had prepared a back up hose by taking one of my white hoses and wrapping it with an electrical tape and covering it with insulation. I had it stored in the Freightliner. I got it out and hooked it up and we were back in business.

I called the Pirit Heated Hose company and at first he told me to try hooking a small section of hose from the convenience center down through the access hole in the basement and then hook the heated hose to it under the 5th wheel. He said since the thermostat for the hose is on the male end there may be too much heat in the convenience center to cause it to turn on. I told him the hose has worked great for the past 2 months in below freezing temps and thought it was odd it would quit all of a sudden. He agreed and told me he was shipping a new hose out right away. Cool.

Matthew called and he did find an apartment in Lafayette and they are needing someone in the office part time as a leasing agent and were interested in Mandie. They are going to fax in her resume and it looks like she might end up with a job too!! He is supposed to get a call tomorrow giving him his official start date and then we can make plans to help them move. We are borrowing a cargo trailer and are hoping everything will fit in it so we can do it all in one trip.

No big plans this week end but I'm sure we'll get in some kind of mischief. I'll keep you posted.

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